Walking without Mosquitoes

In San Antonio we can NOT get away from mosquitoes. They are everywhere. I just talked to a customer, and she was really interested in Dyna Trap. Dyna Traps are great, if you are at home. And if you’re not? Let me tell you about an amazing spray called Medella. It will make walking your dog, getting your steps in, or puttering around in the garden a whole lot less buggy.

Medella is all natural and safe for everyone in the family. Everyone, including your pets. And the best part...it smells great to you and me…just not the mosquitoes. It’s Deet free, no pesticides or fragrance, just mainly lemon grass with a hint of vanilla. Medella comes in three convenient sizes, 2 oz, 4 oz and an 8oz that you can use to refill some of the smaller sizes. Keep it in your purse, tackle box, garden tools and enjoy this pretty mild summer we are having. Check out the website for a special gift from Medella.

Don’t forget about any standing water that you may have in your backyard that attracts mosquitoes. Bird baths, water features, or standing water in a plant reservoir are breeding grounds for those pesky bugs. Mosquito Dunks are an all-natural mosquito larvae killer for standing water. Each dunk will last for 30 days and is non-toxic to birds and animals. It covers 100 feet of water no matter the depth of the water. Just don’t put them in swimming pools, spas or any play pools for your children or grands.

Now to the email ...and I have a confession. We are like most businesses right now, desperately needing help. So, I haven’t been able to reach out to you as much as normal on answering email. I am always at the store though, so if I haven’t answered your email, give me a call at the store and we can talk...210-341-1573.

Question: What is the best cleaner to remove hard water stains on the outside of my brick home. I have tried vinegar and it didn’t budge the stain.
Answer: There is one product that is safe and easy to use. Acid Magic cleaner is a muriatic acid is all sense of the word, except it’s safe. It has 90% less fumes and it doesn’t burn on contact. Acid Magic will remove all hard water stains on masonry. Wet the stain with your garden hose and then spray with Acid Magic. It will foam up and then you quickly give it a quick scrub with a plastic bristle brush. Use your garden hose and rinse it off. It will dry clean. Then you could put a sealer on the brick...just make sure it not shiny. Dry-Lok makes a natural look sealer that is matte.

Question: Hi Trudy! I have been trying to find Rust Cure everywhere. You don’t have it anymore. So, would you tell me where I can purchase Rust Cure?
Answer: I don’t have Rust Cure because the owner retired and did not sell his business. So, after a year of searching, we found a great product…Restore Rust Converter! You will love it. It cures the rust and will even leave an acrylic coating that can be painted or not. Like Rust Cure, the rust will never return. Give me a call if you can’t find it near you.

Question: I loved using Deep Klenz on my grout on the kitchen floor. It did an amazing job. I am wondering can I use it on the grout in my shower? I can’t seem to really remove all the stains on the grout. I guess it’s mildew, but I clean it with bleach, and it still doesn’t get white. What can I use?
Answer: Some mildew stains are just deep seeded in the grout, but I want you to try one more product before you give up…Zep Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. Just spray it on and let it dry. It will smell like beach, but it’s more than bleach. I have had great results. You might have to clean it twice. Now if it still has a shadow on the grout…. pull out the big guns and make the grout look like new with Grout Aide. You just paint over the grout lines, and it will permanently cover the stain.