Door Locks

I have a riddle for you...what door lock has no key? How can you secure your door with a 3” dead bolt ...that doesn’t lock with a key? How can you stay safe at night, but at a moment’s notice open the door – and never have to spend time searching for a key...maybe precious time? Give up?

A few years back Dad and I were at a show in Las Vegas and ran across a small vendor that was selling and promoting Door Guardian. Door Guardian is a door stop. Not the kind you push under the door to keep it open or closed, or the kind that you slide under the doorknob, but a metal stop that you attach to the door frame with long screws. Then with the door closed you slide the lock across the door. Door Guardian works on all exterior doors securing them completely. Door Guardian can be installed on garage doors, side doors, front doors and balcony doors. You can mount them on wood doors, fiberglass and metal doors. The lock does not have to be mortised into the door frame. It is simply and easy to install and comes in several finishes.

So why get a Door Guardian? Because for a child, or an adult, with special needs it is not easy to understand how to open the door. It’s easy for you, just not for them, and that’s exactly why you install a Door Guardian. It guards the door when you don’t and keeps a safe lock on those in your charge. I had a customer that was preparing for a family member to come and live with them. His family dynamics were going to change, and he wanted to be prepared. I showed him the locks, and he just breathed a sigh of relief.

You can see the Door Guardian in action on You Tube...there are several videos. They are on our website or give me a call at the store...210-341-1573.

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Now to the email...

Question: Hello. In the past we ordered a product from you for our septic tank here at work. It came in like 3 or 4 to a box, and they were in plastic baggies like, and you would flush one down the toilet every month or so, or every so often. Thank you so very much for your time and help with this.
Answer: The product is called One Flush and has been extremely popular with homeowners with septic tanks. Just like you said, you just drop a packet down the toilet and flush every 30 days. One Flush has “billions of more enzymes” than other septic tank treatments. And that's what you want to keep your system running smoothly.

Question: I enjoy reading your articles and they have been so helpful as nor I or my husband are the least bit handy. I read your recent article on Acid Magic. I wonder if it would work on my problem.
I recently had the concrete grouting replaced in areas around my brick patio. The guys did a lousy job and splashed concrete on my bricks and were sloppy in the grout lines. They have power washed and I have used a wire brush and a scraper to try to get the concrete splashed off. Nothing worked. Would Acid Magic work? I would like to know before I buy since I don’t have a pool or anything else to use it on.
Answer: The product made exactly your problem is called Sakcrete Concrete Dissolver. Spray it on the areas that have excess mortar, and it will foam up. Wipe off the excess with a towel and then rinse with water to stop the process of the chemical. It’s completely safe.
Question: I have an old whirlpool tub. There is a stain at the bottom of the tub. I have used several liquid products remembering you said not to use any cleaner to aggressive. So, nothing is working. Do you have any suggestions?
Answer: Yes ma’am...Use Invisible Shield Limescale and Stain Remover. Spray the stain, let it work just a minute and then wipe with a towel. Rinse the tub completely. It’s the only thing that I know of that will work.