Concrete and Power Washing!

Question: Hi Trudy, your suggestions are always so great. Can you recommend a driveway cleaner without using a pressure washer? It seems like the pressure washer is eating away my concrete.

Question: This is a great question. Pressure washing was one of Dad’s pet peeves. And you are correct, you are taking off a layer of concrete, and that's why it looks so clean, but not for long. So, use a cleaner that is so much easier on the surface of the driveway and sidewalks which is 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. This cleaner is bleach-based, so it does an outstanding job on cleaning dirt, grime and mildew off masonry surfaces. Start with a dry surface, 30 Seconds cleans faster that way. If you have a lot of concrete to clean, use the gallon size of 30 Seconds because it is so economical. Spray your concrete and let it work, and then just hose off the concrete and let it dry. You don’t need to worry about foliage around the concrete, you flood it with water so there is no damage to plants.

Question: I have decided that instead of removing my wallpaper, I would just paint over it. It’s in pretty good shape except for a few edges. What would you suggest to seal those edges? And then what primer would you suggest?

Answer: The adhesive product is called Sure Grip and it comes in a small tube. It’s a real strong wallpaper glue that grabs quickly and stays secure. If some of the edges are stiff and you are afraid that the edge might tear, take a sponge with hot water and hold it against the edge. The paper will soften and then you can glue it smoothly back down. For your primer use Benjamin Moore Sure Seal. I would roll on two coats to completely give yourself a “blank slate.” Then you can paint with any paint you would like.

Question: I read your dad's articles for years and so glad you are carrying on with such useful information. We have a porcelain tile in our shower that has a white film on it. Our bathroom sinks, which are porcelain (Kohler), have some bluing where the faucet dripped over time. Any suggestions to remove? We have had hard water for several years before getting a water softener, and our toilets have hard water rings that I can't get rid of, even with using the pumice stick. Your help is most appreciated and valued.
Answer: First, thank you for all the nice words of encouragement. I have the answer for you, and it's all in one product. Delete Germ is the best hard water cleaner we have, and along with that, it's versatile. So, for the shower, take a small area first and put a stream of Delete Germ on the tile. Immediately start cleaning with a Scotch Brite scrubby sponge. Now I want you to try a small spot first because you are not positive about the tile. One you are sure, tackle the rest of the shower in small sections at a time. Remember not leave Delete Germ on the tile.... you clean immediately and rinse immediately. Then after cleaning...use Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Protectant. It will repel hard water. When you do clean the tile...use Invisible Shield Cleaner, it will reinforce the protectant and you will be stain-free for almost a year.
Regarding the sinks, since then are can clean with Delete Germ...remember clean and rinse. On the toilets.... lift the lid of the tank, squeeze Delete Germ down the over-flow pipe. It's that pipe that is right at the water line. Put the lid back on the tank and lift the lid of the bowl. Put several streams of Delete Germ around the bowl, concentrating on the stains. And then leave it alone overnight. This is the only fixture that you can leave Delete Germ on without etching the porcelain. The next morning, flush the toilet and use your toilet brush to clean. If the hard water stain is above the water line, you might have to use a Flexi Scour. Your hard water stain doesn't stand a chance against it. Hope this helps,