Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

There is something to be said for plastic shower curtains. When they get dirty, you don’t have and clean them. You can just throw them away. But frameless, glass shower doors are in every magazine you see. But you know what you don’t see on those doors? Hard water deposits and soap scum….no, nope, not even maybe.

If you are like me, your time is valuable. So, if I told you there is a product that you can apply to your glass shower door that would repel hard water deposits and soap scum for one year, would you be interested? I know I was. Invisible Shield Protective Glass and Surface Coating by Clean-X is the product that will provide a protective glass coating and will last up to one year! Invisible Shield will repel dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits leaving your glass shower door crystal clear and sparkling. Not only can you use it on shower doors but, also on windows, and patio doors providing a protective coating, so you don’t have to work as hard or use abrasive cleaners to keep them clean.

Start with a clean glass door by using Delete Germ. Rinse and dry the glass door. Then apply Invisible Shield on a cloth and polish into the glass. Let dry and apply a second coat for complete coverage. When a slight haze has formed, buff it off with a soft cloth. And that’s it! And the next time you clean the shower, instead of using a harsh cleaner, use Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Cleaner. It reinforces the Protective Glass and Surface Coating that will give you a spot free door for up to a year.

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And that’s the way I like to clean!

Now to the email…..

Question: We just purchased a home where the previous owner rescued cats. She had 10-15 cats at all times, in the house. We are in the process of remodeling before we move in, and I noticed the cat smell is still prevalent. She said there was a professional cleaning, but I’m not smelling it. Our floors are tile and laminate but no carpet. Our walls will be repainted and I’m wondering if that will help. Can you offer any help?
Answer: I feel your pain. I bought a home from an elderly man who was a smoker, and I thought I would never get the odor out. So let me tell you what I think will help. Since you are going to paint, prime first with Zinsser Odor Blocking Primer. That way you start with fresh walls. If you smell any odor in the kitchen cabinets, you can prime the inside of the cabinet with Zinsser and not change the color because this primer is crystal clear.
Now for the floors, the odor is down deep. Use Kitty Stop! and mop the floors. It might take several times because that odor goes through the grout and down to the concrete foundation. Don’t get discouraged. For the lingering odor in the air, open up an Air Sponge and let it clean the air. It has a slight fragrance, like soap. You can also put one in the return air in the AC unit, and every time the unit comes on, your clean smell will go all over the house. Good Luck!

Question: First of all, I so appreciate your tips published in the Houston Chronicle on Thursdays. I look forward to reading them every week! We have a problem in that we blood stains on our Flex Steel sofa and need help with removing them. We tried Oxy Clean and hydrogen peroxide with no results. Will the Bio Zapp you mentioned help? Or do you have another suggestion?
Answer: There is a wonderful stain remover called Tech. It’s a multipurpose remover and it works on clothing, carpet, upholstery and vinyl. The list of what it will remove goes down the whole side of the bottle. It will remove the stain of blood, coffee, cosmetics, grass, grease and so many more. Spray your stain and blot with a white clean towel. Never rub the stain. Rubbing the stain will spread the stain. Keep turning the towel as you blot out the stain so you are removing the stain with a clean surface.