The Best of Johnnie Chuoke

I know you all have been waiting and I can finally say, “the new book is done.” And it is new in so many ways. New cover, new back cover and a new format to the book. New indexes that will make it easier to find your favorite products and answers. New products for new problems, new answers for old issues…. we were updating this book up to 90 days ago. All because I wanted this book to have the latest answers to problems that irritate homeowners each day.

The book has more of a book feel. We still have tons of questions in the book but, there are expanded articles that will help any homeowner answer questions about odors, toilets, dripping faucets, and freezing faucets. How to paint, stain, strip any wood project. When to repair, or when to replace. What filters you should have in your AC unit and why they are the best. Ways to light up a room when you walk in, and the convenience an appliance turning off even if you forget. Products that help you keep your plants, pump house, or boat from freezing from unexpected freezing weather.

Ways to keep out noises from busy streets. Keeping your home safe when you are at home or when you are away. Lighting to keep a sure step when you walk out at night. Need a tool to make your job easier, it’s in the book. The best hoses to keep at your house and the way to repair it if you need.

The easiest way to keep your floors looking beautiful. The best product lines for granite, marble, quartz, and man-made materials. Ways to clean glass shower doors, and they stay clean for a year. Think you need to replace your tub, think again…. just clean it and it will look new again. I will tell you how to safely clean man-made materials, so you don’t damage them. Need to repair your tub, your new book will have the answer.

You will know the right glue for each project. The right caulk for around your tub. And this caulk won’t mildew. The way to clean off mildew it you have it, hard water stains and grime from the outside of your home. You won’t use a damaging “high pressure hose” again. Remove rust stains, oil stains, and just grime faster and easier and save money by not calling a professional.

So why write another book? There are lots of cool books on Do It Yourself, slick covers, beautiful pictures, really famous authors. But you know what most of them lack...the exact product to use. They will tell you use a “primer” ...but they won’t tell you which one. And isn’t that the important part? Why should you go searching the miles and miles of aisles of “primer”? Using the trial and error method. This book will tell use “Ben Moore” on the interior. An oil based primer from Coronado for the exterior. And I tell you this because, I want you to know... nothing is rocket science. As long as you know “how” to do something and you have the “right” products, it’s all easy.

You might not be able to do everything around your home, no climbing on the roof please. But you can do a lot. A lot more than you think. And once you tackle one project and it turns out great, you will be willing to take on the next one. And then you share it with your neighbor. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Share the knowledge. You know what I love about my business...well there are a lot of things...but the top ten includes you, the readers. When you call me and tell me how well something turned out, that you tried. You’re happy and I’m delirious. And then you are asking questions about the next project.

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So, this book is waiting for you. You can go to the website and order a copy or two right now and get it in time for Christmas. If you are not the techie type, that’s the store at 210-341-1573 and I will take an order for you and make sure it gets to your home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat a piece of pie for me!