Concrete and Mortar Dissolver

I had a customer come in, and she was so disappointed. She had beautiful tile installed out on her patio and absolutely loved it. What she didn't love was that there was excess mortar, or grout on the tile. She didn’t know how to remove it. She had repeatedly called the installer, and he had not answered her calls. She was so frustrated. The excess mortar was causing hazing across the tiles and so the true color of the tile was clouded.

There is a product called “Sakcrete Concrete and Mortar Dissolver” and it’s made for just this problem. It’s safe and environmentally friendly. This pro-grade, biodegradable cleaner removes concrete, mortar, stucco, and cement without damaging paint, wood, metal, or plastic, making it the perfect clean-up solution for every concrete job.

It’s so simple to use. Spray the area with Sakcrete. It will foam up and start working. It needs to stay wet for 15 minutes for true saturation. If the product dries, spray it again with Sakcrete. After the mortar loosens, spray it off with your hose and a good pressure nozzle, not a high-pressure hose. Let it dry and see if you need to re-apply. You can use this product on just about anything. Just don’t use it on concrete pavers. Sakcrete used to be green, but the product is clear now. It is the same product.

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Now to the email….

Question: One of our toilet valves sometime will not close correctly and If I don't watch it, the toilet will run and waste water. Would the Frugal Flush Flapper work for this problem?

Answer: Yes, it will but first, I want you to clean the seal that the flapper sits on. Turn the water off to the tank, and then flush the toilet. Dry out the inside of the tank with a towel. Now clean the seal. Use a tennis ball that is wrapped with sandpaper and scrub it down into the seal. That will make sure the surface is clean and free of any lime deposits. It’s those tiny little deposits that leak water and cause your toilet to flush automatically. We call that ghost flushing, and it wastes tons of water. Install your new Frugal Flush Flapper. Now turn the water back on and let the tank fill. Keep the lid off the tank. Lift the lid on the toilet, because we are going to do a test. Flush the toilet and watch the flapper. The flapper should drop the minute your bowl is empty. If it drops too late, you are wasting water. If it drops too soon, you will have to flush twice. And you are wasting water again. Adjust the flapper by turning the dial at the bottom of the flapper. This adjustment will ensure that the flapper drops at just the right time. And that’s why I like Frugal Flush Flapper.

Question: I have a stainless steel refrigerator which is installed in my outdoor kitchen. My outdoor kitchen is not covered. The refrigerator is subject to heat and cold, rains, etc. It has water stains which I cannot remove no matter which stainless steel cleaners/polishes I have tried. I’m hoping you can recommend a product which will remove the stains.

Answer: Sheila Shine is a stainless steel cleaner that is hands down better than the others. However, it has a strong propellant smell that is hard for some customers to handle. But since you are outside, that should be no problem. Wipe any excess dirt and dust off your appliance. Then take a soft towel and spray Sheila Shine onto the front of the fridge and then wipe in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. Buff dry. Perfect for outdoors.

Question: I am recently retired, and I want to start a painting project. I want to buy good brushes and I would like to know the best way to keep them in good shape. I will be using latex paint.

Answer: The best brush cleaner is call Brush Wash and it’s made by Krud Kutter. It’s a super concentrated cleaner and degreaser and it dissolves paint from brushes and tools. Once the brush is clean and dry, wrap it back up in the original packaging.