Let’s Make it Easy

How many of you are ready for a New Year? I know I am! I am ready to go to new shows and see new products. I am hoping that the industry is feeling more secure and ready to release new items. That the shortages are over, and shipments will go as planned….in a perfect world.

Perfect doesn’t happen very often. That’s why I like products that don’t require perfection on my part. Restor-A-Finish comes to mind. If you have a cabinets or furniture that have lost color or have been in sun and just look dry and faded? There is no need to strip and then refinish the cabinets or furniture. Wipe away years of neglect with Restor-A-Finish and a soft cloth. Wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood and let it dry. Add a protective finish with Feed-N-Wax.

Did your tables take a beating during all the holidays? Did someone leave a tea glass and it left a ring? Or did someone put down a hot plate and it left a heat ring on the dining table? Remove all these stains with White Ring Remover. It’s reusable. Then follow up with Feed-N-Wax.

Did your sensor go out on your dusk-to-dawn outdoor light fixture? Well, there is a light bulb that has it’s on built in sensor for less than $12.00. Dusk-to-Dawn lightbulb comes on at dusk and goes off at mornings light. Put some Dielectric Grease on the threads and it will be a breeze to remove when it goes out ...years for now. My bulb is going on four years. Still burning bright.

How many of you have a cabinet door that the screws are loose? Screw It Again is a great anchor that is so easy to use. Remove one screw from the loose cabinet hinge and place a Screw It Again anchor in its place. Trim off excess and then put the screw back in and tighten down. The added anchor will keep the hinge and screws secure and that cabinet door will not drag.

There is another thing I want to remind you about. We really haven’t had our cold weather yet. That won’t happen until late January and February. So, jump on the band wagon right now and protect your pipes from freezing. Use Freeze Miser. If you can screw on a garden hose, you can install a Freeze Miser. The Freeze Miser will allow the faucet to start dripping once the temperature drops to 37 degrees, and then once the temperature comes back up to the mid 40’s it shuts off. It’s on guard 24/7 so you don’t have to be. If you still want to use your outdoor faucet to water your plants, install a Y connectionto the faucet and place the Freeze Miser on one side of the Y connection and your garden hose to the other side. I wish I would have had these in February this year. Don’t get blindsided by our very fickle weather…. you know warm and 80 one night and 28 degrees in the morning.

One more item I want to talk to you about. Pest Control. For indoors it’s Clobber. It’s the best pest control that you can do yourself. And you don’t have to be perfect. Clobber is an aerosol. So, you just shake it up and then start spraying around the flooring molding in your home. Move quickly, and only spray where you can get. Don’t worry about behind furniture or behind the stove or refrigerator. Spray around windows, doors and under the sink. For in the garage and front porch…. use VS102. That way you can take care of pesky bugs before they enter the home. Both products have a 60 residual. Don’t pay for pest control again…. use Clobber and VS102.

For those of you that waited…. your books have either hit your home or are on the way soon. Who knew there would be a paper shortage and a toner shortage? Well not me that’s for sure. And not the printer here in San Antonio. And you bought more books than I thought was possible. And when I had to break the news that some of the orders would not be in your home by Christmas…. you were so gracious. Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!