Some Things Just Can’t Wait!

There are only a few things in my life that will make me stop completely in my tracks…an IRS notification, a call from my lawyer, or an inspection in my home that has detected... termites. All those options can change your life in a moment, and if you ignore any of those them, well it’s just putting off the inevitable. And if you respond immediately, completely fixable. Well, a least the termites.

Here in South Texas, termites are not an “if” you get them, it’s a “when” you get them. There are several places that termites seem to like to homestead, like wood piles, tree stumps and your wood fence. When your fence comes in direct contact with the ground, you are going to have termites in your fence. And you know when you find out? When you are selling your home and the home inspector finds them. Everything will stop until you have the fence treated for termites. And really, a wood fence having termites is about as surprising as a dog having an occasional flea. It just happens. But it’s so simple to take care of on your own, and so much less expensive than having to have a professional treat for them. I promise you any help from an exterminator will have a price tag that involves a comma. But you can do it yourself. Ortho Home Defense Termite and Destructive Bug Killer is your product. It specifically says it will kill termites for up to five years. It will also kill carpenter bees and carpenter ants. There are several ways to use Ortho. You can use the trench method and a 16oz bottle will treat 37.5 feet, which is what I would suggest when treating your fence. If you are treating around the perimeter of your home, you can put it in the Ortho sprayer and hook it up to your hose.

If you see active termites inside your home, consider using Terro Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer. It kills fast and has a 30-day residual. It kills carpenter ants, termites, carpenter bees and wood wasps. It has a very convenient two-way spray nozzle that can spray into the tiniest areas. Now using Terro is not the end all be all…. there is a reason you see them inside. They are coming from outside. So even when you spray Terro, you need to follow up and find out when they are tunneling. You know they make these little mud tunnels that they travel in because they are like vampires, they can’t see the light of day. You will usually find them around water, so in baths and kitchens.

The title of this article is “somethings just can’t wait” and termites is one of those things. And you have to be diligent about looking about the house. Keep wood off the ground, especially don’t stack it close to your home. And if you find them in your fence, treat them immediately. But you don’t have to depend on an expensive pro, you can be the pro and save some money.

Tip for the week….

Do you still like working in your garage even when the weather dips to uncomfortable ranges? Me too. And one the easiest ways to insulate your garage is adding insulation to the garage door. Matadoor Insulation Kit is easy to install and inexpensive. It’s just panels that glue to the door that will give you about 4 inches of insulation. Not only is it great for cooler weather, but wonderful for when the heat sets in. Add a portable heater and you can keep up with your projects and stay warm.

Now to the email….

Question: I listened to your radio show last week and am very interested in the freeze protection that you were talking about. Mr. Freeze? I have looked everywhere, and I can not find it.
Answer: Ok well maybe it’s because you picked up the wrong name. It’s called Freeze Miser. And it’s the most efficient way to drip your faucets to keep them from freezing. Easy to install. If you can put a hose on an outdoor faucet, you can install a Freeze Miser. Once the Freeze Miser is installed, turn on the faucet full open. When the water temperature reaches 37, (not the air temperature) it will start to drip. And you won’t have to worry.

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