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Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

You know I inherited many wonderful things from my dad…his happy attitude, looking for the good in all things and laughing hard …. sometimes at myself. I also inherited Dad’s feet. Dad had flat feet and mine are too. Mine are so flat that they make suction noises when I walk across the floor. My feet often ache since I have no arch unless I wear a very good (expensive) shoe. So, I am always in search of good foot creme.

And as I get older, I get more particular about that foot creme. I just want something natural, no synthetics. And that’s hard to find. I want to take care of my feet the best way I know. I realize this is not a normal “hardware� thing, but I wanted to share it with you.

When you read “natural� on a label, you expect to find a name of an ingredient you can pronounce-- nothing synthetic and no fillers. So, when I came across a family at the National Hardware Show showing a natural skin cream, I was skeptical. And then they said it would help with aches, pains, injury, and arthritis...I lifted an eyebrow. That’s a lot of promises. I looked at the label and sure enough ...no synthetics. Then they talked to me about the “Total Foot Repair.� Foot repair was something my brother-in-law and I were going to need. We had done 16,000 steps the day before and our feet had taken a beating. So, I felt like we were great guinea pigs...oh I mean “testing� group. This little family of mom and two sons gave us several samples to try. That night I used the foot repair.

The product looks waxy and firm in the jar. But once you put it on your fingers it melts. It easily goes into the skin. Now, it does not have a flowery fragrance. It has a natural fragrance. Like I said there are no synthetics. And once you put it on, you don’t want to walk across the floor. You will do the slip and slide. I put on a pair of socks and went to sleep.

I woke up to a pair of very soft feet. And they felt relieved. Not like I had been walking eight miles a day on concrete. I put it on my feet again to face the day. I went to the booth and ordered the product and both are in stock.

Now I admit, I want soft feet because I am going to start wearing sandals and I want my feet to look nice. But if you have a problem with your feet, dry skin, cracking and hard callouses, give this foot repair a chance. It will help with circulation in your feet. And if you have some aches associated with your legs, try Ultimate Healing Cream. This is all made in Utah, and a family-owned business.

If if you order anything from us right now...I will put a sample of each in your package.

Do you have to work under the sink? It kills your back with the difference in height from cabinet to floor. Use a couple of kneeling pads that you normally use in the garden to protect your knees. It will give you some cushion on your back to make the job comfortable.

Now to the email……

Question: Hi, Trudy, I remember an article about floors that creaked and squeaked. We have only lived in our newly constructed home less than a year and the luxury vinyl plank floor is already squeaking. We were wondering if this is a common problem now that this particular flooring material is used so much?
Answer: I haven’t talked about Squeeeek No More in a long time. If the squeak is coming from movement against a nail, then Squeeeek No More is what you need. They have a great video on YouTube that explains how it works. But basically you reattach the flooring to the wood underneath using a screw that will break off below the floor line. On wood floors, that means you will have to cover the hole up with wood dough in the color of the floor. However, if you think the squeak comes from the laminate rubbing against itself...try a little baby powder in the seam. Great question!