Help for Cat Odor

Help for Cat Odor
I read a lot, so much I have a friend that helps me keep up with what I have read, what I haven’t read and what’s next. In the mysteries, there is always a character that either has too many dogs, or way too many cats. And that cat character is usually not looked upon favorably. Why is that? It could be that cats have a mind of their own and a smell that is all their own also. Blame that smell on amino acids that are specific to cats. And that problem made me reach out to my favorite odor neutralizer. Let me remind you about Kitty Stop!

Kitty Stop is not just any product. It’s made by Bio Zapp and that’s the reason I trust it to do a great job. But why need an extra another Bio Zapp? Why not use regular Bio Zapp? Because over and over I have readers write to me asking for something stronger for cat odors. Cat odors are the worst because of the chemical in the urine. It’s much worse than other animals. The chemical is called Felinine. It makes the cat urine smell like sulfur. Cats that have that long hair also have a stronger urine smell. It’s the amino acid that causes the cat hair to grow long that will also makes the urine smell strong. The longer the hair, the stronger the odor. Short hair cats have less of a problem.

So let me tell you about the differences between regular Bio Zapp called Odor Eliminator, and Bio Zapp’s Kitty Stop. Regular Bio Zapp is unscented and VERY gentle. In-fact it’s gentle enough to bathe your pet. Like when your dog has a wrestling match with a skunk or rolls in who knows what. (Ok we all know what.) Remember in a previous article I told you the story about Micki (the original owner of Bio Zapp) was showing my dad the Bio Zapp product and he actually sprayed it in his mouth. He had just bit into an onion and then breathed on Dad. Then he gave his mouth a squirt and then gave Dad another breath. Dad though Micki was a little strange (at the time), but he was in a pickle. My grandfather had built several motels and apartments. When my grandfather died, Dad inherited the properties. Dad sold them. Fast forward a few years and we had the properties back because the owner fell into bankruptcy. The motel rooms had been rented to anyone towards the end and the smell in the rooms was horrible. Dad took the carpets up in the rooms, mopped the concrete slab floor with Bio Zapp and then there was NO SMELL. Micki remained a close friend to our family until he passed away and I will always be grateful for Micki’s cold call to a small little lumber yard in downtown San Antonio. Kitty Stop! has a fragrance in the formula and stronger cleaning additives. It would NOT be safe to bathe a pet but cleaning the litter box and other areas it is perfect. There are other additives, and that requires a different PH additive. So, let’s just say, Kitty Stop! is the Superman version of Bio Zapp. Able to clean kitty urine in a single spray, more powerful than Bio Zapp, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…. No, It’s Kitty Stop!! Sorry…. I couldn’t help it.

Here is how to use Kitty Stop. Do you not know when the odor is coming from? Use a UV flashlight. The light will pick up all the offenses. Spray Kitty Stop! on those areas. If it’s a tile floor, concentrate on the grout areas. Let dry. If you still smell a lingering odor, spray again. Remember when I said that there are additional cleaning additives… those area might get tacky. Just mop the area. It won’t change the way the Kitty Stop! works. If it’s fabric, then wash if you can. If not, just rinse with water.

I hope this helps those with kittens that they love, just not the smell left behind.

I am just literally off the plane from a trip to Indianapolis and it was a great show. Bigger than before! And you know what that means, I will have some exciting news to tell you about in the next few months.