Please don’t tell me it’s 30 days till Christmas. I am so NOT ready. I am one of those that is wrapping presents on the way to Christmas dinner with the family. I don’t stress about that. But I do get ready for cold weather. You know why? Because unexpected cold weather can cost me money, serious money. Here is what I do.

I put Freeze Misers on my outdoor faucets. It’s just that simple. If you have never heard of Freeze Misers, let me tell you all about them. Freeze Miser is a device that screws onto your outdoor faucets just like you were screwing on a garden hose. So, it’s simple! After screwing on the Freeze Miser, turn the water supply to a fully open position. And that’s it! You are protecting your outdoor faucets from freezing weather.

Unlike winter faucet covers or the drip method the engineering of Freeze Miser releases only the minimal amount of water to prevent faucets from freezing. Freeze Miser senses the internal water temperature, and when the water temperature drops below 37 degrees, it will start to drip. A conservative drip, not wasting any water.

How does it sense the temperature change? It has thermal wax that shrinks when frozen and expands when it thaws. When the wax shrinks, water discharges from Freeze Miser. And when the wax expands the drip will stop.

If you haven’t heard about Freeze Miser, it’s not new. It’s been around for over 17 years. It’s well known to the cattle and dairy industries. And now, you know about the easiest way to take care of your outdoor pipes.

Now all next week, it’s going to be cold in the morning. I put all of my Freeze Misers on last night. But you know in Texas, weather is not dependable. So, it’s 36 on Sunday, but by afternoon it’s 70 degrees. I will water plants, add water to the hot tub, water the grass. So, does that mean that I have to remove my Freeze Miser? Absolutely not! I use a Y valve (brass not plastic) on the outdoor faucet. This allows you to have two water sources from one faucet. Install the Y valve first. Then screw on the Freeze Miser on one side. Turn the valve on to the side you have installed the Freeze Miser. Turn off the side that is open. Now turn on the water. Your Freeze Miser will be at work.

But later in the day when you want to water…. attach a garden hose (if not already attached) and then open the side up for the garden hose. Bingo! You have a garden hose ready for action. And then when you are done watering, shut off the side where the garden hose is attached. Now if I have a handle attached, I leave it open to release any water in the hose. Or just remove the watering handle.

Now isn’t that easier that removing and replacing a faucet cover anytime you want to water? I mean yes, we are having cold weather…. now…. but we all know, Texas weather is unpredictable at best!

I am so convinced that this is the easiest way to take care of your outdoor pipes that I am giving you special pricing and packages on Y valves and Freeze Misers, so go to the site and check out the deals!

If you prefer, you can attach your Freeze Miser to the end of your hose. Use the Y valve on the end of the hose, and install the Freeze Miser to one side, and open up that side of the valve. Turn on the water. When you want to water, open up the other side. Your Freeze Miser will protect your outdoor faucet on up to a 150 ft hose.

You can see more about this product and our special package pricing at our website.

Now to the email……
Question: I want to order your book, but the website said they wouldn’t be delivered till after January. So, am I just out of luck getting one for Christmas stocking stuffers?
Answer: OK WE MADE A MISTAKE! The books are ready to ship right now, that little message on the side was from last year, and we forgot to take it off for this year. I am up to date with shipping so order right now and have it in a few days. Sorry, that caused you stress…. order as many as you want!