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Leather Bundle

LeatherProducts by Howard

Did you survive Christmas? When I used to host Christmas at my house, after everyone left...itlooked like a bomb had hit. There were glasseson every flat surface and enough dirty dishes to run the dishwasher at leasttwice. Then there was wrapping paper andribbon piled high. But I loved itall. But now my nieces and nephews dothe hosting, and I love that too. HA!

I want to talk to you about two of my favorite products, and thiswill be the last bundle of the year. Ihope you have enjoyed these bundles and that they have helped you around thehouse. You know many customers talk tome about products they love and how they have used them in their home. But when someone tells me about a product andthey called my name in all caps…..TRUDY! I know to pay attention. AndHoward’s Leather Cleaner is one of those products.

My friend and the one who edits this article has a leatherrecliner that she loves. I can’t tellyou the times I have been to her house and we have discussions over sillythings. I am usually the one talking andSJ is listening and rocking in the recliner. Well, her recliner had areas on it that were dirty. Oily stains that she didn’t know how toclean, safely. She bought Howard's LeatherCleaner off a website on a lark and used it on the recliner. She was blown away at the remarkabledifference. And that’s what prompted thecall to me that started with ...TRUDY!...you have got to get this product onthe shelves. She showed me pictures andI was shocked at the difference. Theleather looked fresh and clean.

I suggested that she follow up with Howard’s LeatherSalve. Leather Salve is a greatcompanion product to Leather Cleaner. Leather Salve will cover up and disguise surface scratches. It will also deep condition which will keepyour leather soft and supple. I know noteveryone has leather furniture, but do you have leather seats in your car? Both the cleaner and the salve are so goodfor your seats. Especially in this toughTexas weather. But not just for your car….purses, boots, shoes, gloves, leather coat, saddles all can be treated with thetwo products.

So, if your leather has taken a toll during company thisholiday season, now you know how to make it look good again.

Now to the email…

Question: A friend ofmine that smokes, rode in my car. Eventhough he did not smoke in my car, the lingering smoke on his clothes is allover my car. Every time I get in the car,I can smell the smoke. What can I do toremove the odor?

Answer: An Air Spongeunder the seat of the car will take care of any smell in the car.

Question: I have hardwater stains in my toilet and a rust stain at the bottom of the bowl. My toilet bowl brush is just NOT enough toclean it off. What do you suggest?

Answer: Use a PumieFlexi Scour. Wearing gloves go over allthe inside of the bowl. If will removeall the stains.

Question: I have achimney that leaks through the bricks. Iput a water sealer on it and it stopped for a couple of months and then itstarted leaking again. How do I stop theleaking?

Answer: Use DryLokBrick and Masonry Penetrating Sealer. When the bricks are nice and dry apply a generous amount to the brick. This should take care of the leaks.

Question: I haverusted iron furniture. I want to keep thechairs because they are sentimental to me. How do I treat the rust?

Answer: Brush off anyflaky rust. Sand lightly ifnecessary. Then use Restore RustConverter. Make sure the surface is dry,and paint thin coats of Restore. Let itcure. Then you can paint the metal orjust leave it as is. The metal willnever rust again. Use any metal spraypaint to make the job easy.