Are You Stuck?

Remember when you were in grade school, and everyone had an Elmer’s Glue Bottle in their school supply box? Anything that needed fixing could be repaired...with Elmer’s. Well in my store alone we have twelve feet of different adhesives and four feet more in the caulking aisle. In a big box store, it well might be more than 30 feet. So many choices can be confusing. I have heard more than once, “Is there one glue that will work for everything?”

There are glues for metal, leather, vinyl, plastics, composites, glass, porcelain, concrete, tile, and wood.
There are epoxies, super glues, two-part adhesives, expanding adhesives. There are glues that withstand water pressure, gasoline and heat. For any situation, there is a glue.

For metal I recommend JB Weld or PC Metal. JB Weld comes in a quick-setting, steel reinforced epoxy. It is a two-part cold-weld system that provides strong, lasting repairs to metal. It forms a permanent bond and can be shaped, filed, sanded and drilled after curing. It sets in six minutes, cures in four hours and dries to a dark grey color. PC Metal is a different kind of epoxy. It comes in a cigar type tube, and you pinch off, mold it with your fingers until blended and then put in place. PC cures quicker and can be sanded in 60 minutes.

For leather or vinyl repair use VLP. This is great for repairing leather seats and arm rests in cars. If your favorite recliner has a few tears, this is your glue. It is very versatile because you can use it on fabric too. It’s flexible and weather resistant and will not become brittle. It also remains clear and resists yellowing.

Rapid Fuse makes an amazing multipurpose adhesive. It was the first non-expanding wood glue. It cures in 30 minutes, and you can reposition for up to three minutes. It’s great for the homeowner. Tite Chairs is an adhesive for loose joints. It not only swells the wood, but it has an adhesive that goes deep into the wood and sets up in seconds. For concrete, like bird baths and outside yard art, use PC-7. It will dry gray. You will need to clamp it while it cures. PC-11 is an epoxy that holds under water. So, if you need to reattach a tile to a swimming pool surround, this is your adhesive. It also dries white.

Another good household adhesive is F-26. It comes in a caulking tube and a smaller squeeze tube. It’s one of the few glues used by professionals on the job site and yet should be in the toolbox of the homeowner. You can attach address numbers, glue down a threshold, and strengthen outdoor brick, rock and pavers. You can apply decorative brackets to garage doors. This glue stands up to humidity (hear this Houston) and stays flexible with vibration. I really like this glue…just don’t use it on polystyrene or foam.

For something as simple as fixing a broken handle on your favorite coffee mug, use Rapidfix liquid super glue. The glue and the welding power together make a weld. It’s a great emergency glue and weld. You can even fill in voids in metals, wood and plastics. You can even fix delicate jewelry with the liquid.

For crystal, use Weldbond. My brother-in-law used it on a stemmed crystal glass. He said it saved his marriage. Must have worked, they are working on 40 years of marriage.

Don’t let me forget Goop. There is Shoe Goo, Plumbers Goop, All Purpose Goop, Marine Goop and Household Goop. My favorite is the shoe goop. I hate when my favorite pair of walking shoes start separating, and Shoe Goop does the trick. Plumbers Goop will seal a crack in a toilet bowl saving you $$$. Marine Goop is formulated to be UV resistant and stays clear.

For crafters, there is E-6000. Seal All was Dad’s fav. It sealed his ‘41 Ford gas tank and saved him a bundle.

I hope this helps, remember everything is easy know how to do it and you have the right product!