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Septic System Survival

Septic System Survival

Our family usually had a lake house. And my parents always purchased an older home that needed renovation. They always could see “what the house could be� vs what the house was. It’s a talent and a gift. But with the older homes at Lake McQueeney came with septic systems. Even the newer homes were not on any city sewer line. And if you have a septic system yourself, you know that a system that has a hiccup, the cost can be big. And if you have to have a septic system pumped, it’s not only expensive, but also inconvenient. So how do you keep your septic system in tip top condition?

One Flush is made by Pro Lab. It’s the simplest, most economical treatment for your septic system. Your septic system needs bacteria to break down organic matter to stay effective and efficient. Every time you shower, brush your teeth, wash clothes or even wash dishes you send high concentrations of pollutants into your septic or greywater system. Today’s antibacterial products, disinfectants, deodorant soaps, toilet bowl cleaners, bleach, and even mouthwash kill the beneficial bacteria that are needed to keep your septic system working properly. Think about all the “anti-bacteria� everything we have been using for the last two years. It plays havoc on the good bacteria in your system. One Flush contains billions of more beneficial bacteria (enzymes) than a standard liquid treatment. And it’s so easy. Each One Flush package contains three small packets. Put one in the toilet each first of the month. They are small and go down with one flush, ha! I’m sure that’s why the name choice. You never touch the product. And you don’t have to give that part of your life a second thought.

If you have a septic and you have been told you will need a new system. Or your current system has to be pumped, give One Flush a chance. I have seen and heard of great results that rescued a system that was supposedly on its last leg. One Flush is on the website, and we will ship it to you. It is also at your local hardware store.

Do you need to use a cane for balance? Are you always replacing the rubber tip? Next time you do place a metal washer down in the rubber tip. It will keep the cane from poking through the end of the rubber tip replacement.

Now to the email….,.
Question: I really enjoy your column. I have learned so much from it. We have always had carpet in our house. Recently we replaced it with luxury vinyl plank flooring. I need your advice on the best way to take care of it. What is the best way to do routine weekly cleaning? As time goes by, is there any special treatment I need to do to maintain the floor, and how often should I do it? If something gets spilled on the floor like wine or my grandchildren’s red fruit punch, is there anything special I should use on my LVP floor to clean it up? Thanks so much for your help.
Answer: For weekly cleaning I would use a neutral cleaner like Holloway House Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. It is safe for wood, laminate, LVT, tile and stone. You can just use it directly from the bottle with the squirt top or put it in a spray mop. Since it's a neutral cleaner, you don't even have to rinse the floor. I use it on my laminate wood floors and it does an excellent job. And it has a new clean scent.
Of course, I would clean up any spill as quickly as I could, but I think you will find that your LVT is super resilient. It’s a great choice for flooring.

Question: My toilet tank gets this nasty yellow stain on the inside and not even bleach will remove it. I know that this doesn’t affect the efficiency of the toilet, but since I know the stain is there, I just want to get it clean. What are my options?
Answer: Oh, it’s so easy. Use Instant Power Tank Cleaner. Pour half of the container in the tank and let it work overnight. It is safe for your rubber flapper and o-rings. The next morning, it will be pristine.