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Working with Contractors

Working withContractors

Ijust had a new roof put on my home here in San Antonio. It looks great! I had been putting off having a new roofinstalled on the house, because it was not leaking and lumber and roofing hadgone up in price so much that it was scary.

Lookingfor a contractor is not easy. I hear itall the time. People get nervous handingover a large chunk of change to a total stranger. So let me tell you a little story, and here’shoping it helps you with your next big project.

Ifyou have had a storm in your area, you will encounter roofers that travel allover the nation repairing roofs. Yourhometown will not be their hometown. They blow in and blast out. A fewhouses ago, we had a terrible storm go through SA. I had real damage done to my roof. And my favorite roofers were booked out formonths. And then this very dependablelooking roofer came knocking and agreed to do my roof for exactly what I gotfrom insurance company. So it was notgoing to cost me anything out of pocket. RED FLAG #1. His crews werecoming from another state, so he was not local. If I had any problem with the new roof, he was NOT going to beavailable. RED FLAG #2. And he asked for ½ down for materials, REDFLAG #3. But, I let him roof myhouse. Why would I do this? What was my motivation? Quite honestly, it was the money. It was going to save me $2500 to use thisroofer. Or was it?

Afterthe roof was completed, we had another storm. My roof leaked. And I was out ofluck. The money I saved, was spent onnew repairs. So let me give you a few tipswhen you are looking for a contractor. Choose local, and look to your neighbors first. Ask them who did their last project. Were they happy with the project? Was it completed on time? Did they show up when they said theywould? Did the contractor ask for moneyup front? Did he have a contract? Then call a lumber yard near you that hasbeen around for a while. Ask them forthe name of a good contractor. Ask themanager if they pay their bills? If youpick a contractor and they ask for money up front, ask them why. If it’s for materials, tell them you will payfor the materials and have it delivered to your home in your name. If they don’t like that, or they tell youthey can save you money if they buy supplies, then walk away….that’s RED Flag#1.

Nowto the email….

Question: We accidentally let some fruit rollunderneath the seat of our car and it started rotting. The smell is horrible. We have tried everything from deodorizers tobaking soda and nothing has helped. Weare thinking of selling the car. Do youknow of anything that will clear out the odor?

Answer: Yes, I do! I am assuming that you have cleaned any residue left from the rottingfruit. Folex is a great cleaner and willwork great. Next use Bio Zapp. Bio Zapp is a concentrated odorneutralizer. It has NO fragrance. Spray any soft surfaces like carpet, fabricseats, headliners and I would even spray the carpet in the truck. It might take a few applications, but it willwork miracles. Also use an AirSponge. Open up the Air Sponge, turn itupside down and let it sit on the lid. You expose 75% of the Air Sponge. It will “shock� the air. Place itunderneath the seat. Between Bio Zappand Air Sponge, the odor will beneutralized.

Question: How can we getrid of rust on a table saw that we want to put into our yard sale? Any help youcan give us is very much appreciated. I've seen this before inpast articles but cannot find it now.

Answer: Use a productcalled Restore, it will neutralize the rust. Remove any flaky crust withsandpaper. Then using a foam brush,paint on Restore and let it cure. Itwill leave a black acrylic finish. Itwill never rust again. If you would likeyou can paint with any latex, oil or epoxy that you would like.

Great question!