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Drafty Doors and Windows

When you stand at your front door, can you feel cold air coming in around the door? I was told once, that if a door leaks all the way around the door, you are losing as much money in energy cost as a one-foot square hole in an outside wall. You would never stand for that. But there are so many types of door weather strips. There are some that are foam, felt, or metal if you can find it. But I want to talk to you about one that stands out. It’s easy, goof proof, and does an excellent job for the money. It’s called MD V-Flex Weatherstrip. It’s unique in that it will span a gap on a door that ranges from 1/6th to 3/8th. It will last much longer and look nicer than foam insulation. And it’s easy to install. If you can handle a pair of scissors, you can install MD V-Flex!
V-Flex will say window insulation on the packaging, but it’s really packaged for a single door..17 feet in length. Open the door and measure out the V-Flex that you will need for one side, and cut with scissors. Pinch the V-Flex in half. It’s already scored so it will fold easily. Make sure the area is clean where you will be applying the V-Flex. Paint thinner on a rag is a great, inexpensive cleaner. Then starting at the top of one side of the frame of the door place the adhesive side against the frame pulling off the adhesive paper as you firmly place the weatherstrip in place. Keep it close to the outside of the frame and keep it straight as you install. Then move to the other side. Then do the top of the door. And that’s it! I told you, easy.
But sometimes the bottom of the door leaks air also. There is an equally easy way to take care of that too. MD Self Adhesive Door Sweep will take care of a gap up to ½� at the bottom of your door. Close your door. Clean off the area where you will be applying the door sweep. Lay the sweep against the door, letting it fall flush with the flooring. Pull the adhesive strip off the back and place the sweep in place. The adhesive will stick and stay. I’ve had mine on my back door for years. The sweep and the weatherstripping come in white and brown.
I know it’s cold outdoor right now, but this kind of DIY is for winter or summer.
Now to the email…
Question: In a previous column you mention a product to be used to freshen up kitchen cabinets. I was wondering if the same products can be used for a mahogany dining room table. We bought the table in an antique store and the dealer indicated that he used a car wax on the table. The table has a haze where a hot dish was placed. Can you suggest something?
Answer: Sure! Remove all the old car wax with paint thinner on a rag, it’s a great de-waxer. Open a window if you are working inside. Keep a clean side turning the rag you are cleaning with so you don’t spread the wax. Once all the wax is removed, clean the table with Holloway House Cleaner for Fine Wood. Protect with Feed-N-Wax. It will bring out the beautiful color of the wood.
Question: I have stamped concrete on my back patio. It is dirty and mildew stains all over. What can I clean with and would it be a good idea to seal it?
Answer: Clean the patio with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. They make one that you just hook up to your hose and spray. Start with a dry surface, the product will clean much faster. And don’t worry about your lawn, the product breaks down and causes no damage to your foliage. After applying the cleaner, let it work for a bit and then rinse with clear water. Little Big Shot is a great hose nozzle and will give you a real blast to clean the patio. If you want to seal (a great idea) use Dry Lok. They make two formulas – one is a high gloss and one is a natural finish.