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The National Hardware Show 2023

The National Hardware Show 2023

Well let me just confess …. I missed the National Hardware Show. I do believe that canceling those reservations was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. But when the doctor says, “No�….and he gives you a look….you go home and stay in bed. Feeling sorry for myself, I talked to my daughter and she suggested that I look over all the materials I had from last year and see if there was something I might have missed. I did, and it was so simple. A simple idea, but I loved it last year but somehow missed following up with an order. I called right away.

I like a clean car. I don’t like trash all over – paper, straws, junk mail...it’s a pet peeve of mine. I have tried putting little trash cans in the car, keeping empty grocery bags, but nothing helps. It’s never where I need it. I keep loading up junk and all it all ends up on the front passenger seat of my car. Then when someone rides with me, it’s a mad dash to throw it all in the back seat. But no more.

Tossits are a car garbage bag. It comes with seven bags all attached to a bungee string. The bags are long and can hold a lot of trash. It comes with a self-seal so when it’s full, you just rip off the bag and seal and dispose. The advertising shows the bag facing the back, but I have mine facing the front. That way I don’t have to twist my arm ...my Tossit is right where I need it--the front passenger seat. When I get a soda, the paper straw packaging, goes right in the bag, not in my cup holder. If someone needs to ride with me, I just flip the Tossit to face the back seat.

Tossits are strong. They can hold a brick. When sealed they are stink-proof. That’s great for messy kids, dirty diapers, dog poop bags, and motion sickness bags. They are leak proof, so left over soda, juice boxes are all taken care of with Tossits. They are 11 x 17 and are eco-friendly. And when you tear off one, the next one is available to use. I like that.

Keep your car cleaner, with Tossits. It would be a great gift for car enthusiasts.

I saw a tip that I am going to use. I have tumblers that I take to work and when I put them in the dishwasher, the lids can go everywhere. So take the laundry mesh bag that you use in the washing machine and put your small plastic pieces in there and place in the top rack of the dishwasher. Now nothing can get thrown down into the bottom of the dishwasher and possible melt in the drying cycle.

Now to the email….

I do not know everything hardware. And a reader sent me a great answer to a question that I had answered. I really appreciated his input. I want to share it.

I read your column whenever the Katy Rancher shows up in the yard. In the February 8 issue, you had a question from someone who wanted to get rid of rust on a table saw. If the cutting deck is cast iron and has rust, Restore is not the go to product. The deck must remain level and smooth for safe cutting action. Putting an acrylic coating defeats this purpose (although it is fine for the box sides and legs.) Instead, it will take a combination of chemicals and abrasives to clean the surface (here is a link with the general procedure: https://www.obsessedwoodworking.com/how-to-restor...

See the first line of the answer, he doesn’t always get the article. Well on the website, www.happyhandyman.com it is always there every week. New and informative to help you around the house. We also are finally sending out newsletters. So, if you want a newsletter monthly, sign up the next time you order online.

Question: What was that headlight lens cleaner that you talked about last spring?

Answer It’s called Magic Clear Lens and we are restocked now. It’s truly the easiest and best working headlight cleaner I have ever seen. Do it in the cool of the morning and in the shade for the best results.