No More Cracks!

Last week we wrote about saving water the easy way with a Frugal Flush Flapper and a Whedon Shower Head. This week I want to share some info about cracks that appear around the house. Cracks on the walls inside the house do not have to be stressful. And they don't have to take 3 days to repair. All it takes is some Goodbye Cracks ( appropriate name) and Dry Dex Spackling and about 2 hours. Fill the crack with the Dry Dex and when it turns's dry. Then spray the Goodbye Cracks over the spackling in a light coat, let dry and apply 2 more thin coats. That's it! Now you are ready to paint. If you have a crack on the outside of the house whether it's in the mortar of the brick, stone or stucco it's just as easy to fix with More Flex. More Flex comes in a caulking tube and has the same texture as mortar. It comes in 2 colors, a light beige, and light grey. You can also have cracks in the stucco that covers up the slab. You can cover that up with the More Flex. I just want to mention that just because you have cracks inside the house, or on the outside of house- doesn't not mean that your foundation is faulty. They build foundations to flex, and when they do...sometimes you get little cracks. So don't let anyone scare you into thinking you have a real problem, when you don't.

Now to the email...

Question: I have a 6 ft slider patio door. It is so hard to open and close. It jumps and drags. I have some older windows that are just about as difficult. Do you have any idea on how to fix this? Now don't get real difficult on me, cos it's just me. But I would really like to open the doors and windows.

Answer: First clean out the door track and remove all the dust and debris. Then get a lubricant that is like no other, and it's called Tri Flow. Just spray the door track, and move the door a little. Then spray a little farther down the track and move the door farther. Spray and move, so that the Tri Flow gets in all the little wheels. Pretty soon you will be moving the door with just your pinky finger. Use it the same way on the windows.

Question: I have new brass fixtures in my bathroom. They are already covered in water spots. I don't want to use the wrong cleaner and ruin the finish, because they weren't cheap. So what can I use, that will remove the stains and not the finish?

Answer: The product to use is Bring It On. It's safe on glass, fiberglass and will be great on your fixtures because they have a clear factory finish that you want to protect. That way your fixtures stay good looking for a long time.

Question: I have a daughter that is going to college, and she is taking a rug that is slippery on the floor. They won't let you put anything on the floor like a carpet tape. Is there anything else to use?

Answer: Sure use the Fiber-Lok. Just brush it on the back of the rug in a X and when dry that rug won't be slippery anymore. Your daughter can also put the rug in the washer and dryer and the Fiber-Lok won't come off in the wash.

Question: We live at the ranch and have a lot of pipe railing. It's got a lot of rust on it and we were wondering the best way to treat the rust.

Answer: The best rust remover is a product called Rust Cure. Spray it on the rusty areas and in a hour wipe off the oily residue. When it turns gun metal gray it is completely cured and then you can paint. Or not. Where ever you treat the pipe with the Rust Cure it will never rust in that area again. Just to let you know, the Rust Cure does come in a 5 gallon container.

Question: I have a chair that I inherited. The whole chair is kind of wiggly. And the finish needs help too. Is there a easy way to fix the chairs? Heavy on the easy! Ha.

Answer: To tighten all the rungs in the chair get a product called Tight Chairs, or Chair Lok. It's the same product. Clamp down the chair so that it's secure and drop in the Chair Lok. Chair Lok has a needle nose dropper and so getting down into the chair rungs is easy. If you don't have any clamps to use you can use tape to secure the chair. Emergency Tape works great because it stretches. And to tackle the finish, use the Restore A Finish, and Feed and Wax. They are miracle products.


This morning I had a little time so I thought I would cook some turkey bacon. Well about 20 minutes later the smoke alarms were going off because I forgot all about it. The house smelled toxic. This is not good because someone is going to look at my house tonight. I popped open 2 Air Sponges and placed them downstairs. When I went home for lunch- no more smell. Whew!