Toilets and Showers

I love to introduce new items in the article. Things that make your life easy and that save you money. But in light of the blistering heat, and water conservation I thought I would remind you of products that save our precious commodity of water. Toilets can use more water than any other utility inside the house. A leaky toilet is much worse. And why pay for water that just goes down the drain? There is only one way to tell if your toilet is using too much water when flushing, and that is to look. Remove the lid of the tank, and lift the seat on the bowl. Flush the toilet and watch...if the flappers slaps down as soon as the water leaves the bowl, that's perfect. Your toilet is being a water saver. However if your toilet flapper stays open longer than are wasting water, needlessly. And if you flush the toilet and the flapper comes down to soon, and you have to flush the toilet are wasting water. So what do you do? Don't go get another toilet if this is the only problem that you have. Just get a Frugal Flush Flapper. It has a dial at the bottom of the flapper which allows you to adjust the drop of the flapper. So if its dropping too slow, you dial it one direction- if it's dropping to fast, you dial it another direction. It slips right over the ears of the flush valve, and then attach the chain. That's it. It's simple. Fits almost all toilets.

What about the shower? Is there one person in your house that takes a long shower? Well make sure that your shower is equipped with the best shower head made in America. It's a all brass shower head by Whedon, model DS2C. It gives you a invigorating shower that feels like tons of water pressure but when you look at the drain by your's not a lot of water. Don't ask me how they do that...the rep told me they make the drops longer. HA. Whedon makes a great selection of shower heads that range from $9.99 up to $29.00. The DS2C is $19.99 and has a button on it that allows you to slow the shower down to a trickle while you are soaping up. Then when you push it back your water is at the same warm temperature so there is no shock! Hey and at our age.......

Now to the email....

Question: I have a back door and the screws are loose and making the door wiggle and not close well. How do I fix that?

Answer: The easiest way to take care of this is to remove the screws of the hinge, and stuff some wooden toothpicks down in the hole. Then attach the hinge back and put back in the screws. The toothpicks will take up room and tighten up the door.

Question: I am cleaning my AC window unit, and when I look at the unit the coil is all covered with something. I just don't know how to clean it. Do I have to remove the unit? I have heard that some people take them to the car wash. Really?

Answer: The best coil cleaner is K.O. Dirt Blaster. Trudy even cleaned out soda machine coil and now the sodas are much colder. Just remove the cover of the AC and you will be looking at the coil. Spray the K.O. Dirt Blaster on the coils starting at the top and go down. If you need you can do it twice. You don't have to rinse. The dirt just goes away.

Question: I have a beautiful tub – but the drain is slow. It's a fiberglass whirlpool tub and the last thing I want to do is ruin the finish of the tub. But it does need to drain. Is there something that works that won't harm the finish of the tub?

Answer: Drain Out is a crystal and it doesn't start working until it touches water. So you can put it down the drain and if any of the crystals get on the tub, just brush them off into the drain. Then when the crystals hit water down into the starts working. Just remember Drain Out does not work in standing water.


At the beginning of Spring this year I wrote about using a plastic water bottle in a potted plant to release water – in case I forget to water . I did that for one plant on my patio. It's the only one that has survived this summer. Next summer – water bottles for all plants.