Fan Knowledge

At the last hardware show I made it a point to look for a very popular named ceiling fan company. I wanted to compare them with the Regency Fans that I carry at the San Antonio store. I do this with a lot of items that we carry so that I can stay on top of what I write about. I like to know what makes one brand better than the other and why. Most fan companies all make a good looking ceiling fan. But that's not how to compare fans. So I asked the factory rep, “what is the degree of pitch of the blade on this fan?”. He shrugged and said that they were all the same. Humm...I know that's not true, at least not with Regency. The pitch starts abut 12 degrees and goes all the way up to 20 degrees. Now as far as I'm concerned, my job is to keep you aware of the fact that the higher the pitch on the blade the higher you can set the thermostat on the AC unit. And then the less you give CPS. Most ceiling fans run on about 1 or 2 cents an hour. And there is no reason to leave the fan on while you are not underneath it. The ceiling fan makes you “feel” doesn't lower the temperature in the room. Capacitors are what make a ceiling fan quiet, so if you have 3 speeds on a fan, you need 3 capacitors. You don't just want 1 capacitor for 3 speeds. And you want a life time warranty. With a company that has been around for a while. And that's Regency. And if you want a outside fan, you want a fan with blades that won't droop in the humidity. Have you seen fans like that? Regency fan blades are made out of a ABS plastic that is heavy and will not droop. Regency makes a outdoor fan with a 18 degree pitch and moves a unbelievable amount of air so that you can be outside underneath your patio.

Now to the email

Question: Johnnie I have read your articles for years here in Houston and now need your help. We have an Early American dark pine dining room set that has seen 40 years of family gatherings and weekly use. We have been trying to get the years of dirt, grime, oil out with Murphy's Oil Soap and it has left a white film. Can you suggest another product or method in helping us get the chairs properly cleaned for re-waxing?

Answer: What I would use is Holloway House Fine Wood Cleaner. It's the best for removing oil, and grime. Just use a soft rag and keep turning the rag so you are cleaning with a clean side of the rag. Fine Wood Cleaner has no water, and so you don't damage the wood. And it leaves a nice clean smell. After you are cleaning use the Feed and Wax for protecting the furniture.

Question: There is a big mystery at our house with the fireplace shedding white dust. It's from the bricks. I just wiped down the dust but it continues to shed and drift all over. I have not had a fire in the fireplace for years, so it's not ash. And I called the “box store” and they did not have a specialist for that. So I am asking for your always have great hints.

Answer: Depending on whether you want a gloss or a flat finish...Seal Crete is made for exactly the problem that you are having. It's a clear water-proof sealer and will stop the chalking.

Question: I have recently purchased a home with a brick facade and a tile patio. The patio abuts the brick itself rather than the cement foundation. Whenever we have a very heavy rain, water builds up along this wall until it is able to drain away and is seeping in somewhere along this area to an inside utility room. I see no water in the utility room but can smell the mildew a few days after a rain. Any suggestions?

Answer: Are there any weep holes that the water is leaking into? If there is you will need to seal up the weep holes with Through the Roof in the caulk form. Then paint the area with the Through the Roof in a paint-able formula. It comes in a quart or a gallon. And with the dry weather we are having right now- it's the perfect time.


We talk about using K.O. Dirt Blaster for the AC coil and how well it cleans. But the coil on your refrigerator gets dirty too...especially since it's down by the floor. Clean it and watch how much colder your refrigerator will get.