Getting Rid of Dark Circles

I am always getting questions about dark rings on wooden decks. We love putting out plants on the deck and making the backyard look great. And the problem starts when you don't put down anything between the pot and the wood deck, and start watering. It takes a while but a dark ring develops on the wood and it's pretty hard to get rid of. So when Trudy and I were at the National Hardware Show and saw the Surface Saver Rings, we were convinced that these rings were perfect. They come in a 8” and a 10” and are the color of terra cotta. They are under $6 and can hold up to 450lbs. So no matter how heavy that plant is, Surface Saver can hold it. You can use them on the deck, in the house on carpet or wood floors. They will prevent mildew and dry rot. And they are made in the USA. While we were in the Surface Saver booth, we saw another item that is really a good idea. It's called a In Gauge soil moisture tester. Evidently over watering is what kills most plants. And if you are like most people you stick your finger in the soil of the plant about a inch down and if that part feels dry, you water. But in S. Texas, the top part of the plant always drys out first. And down deep in the plant, it really might have plenty of moisture. But how are you going to know? Just insert the InGauge soil tester in the plant as far as it will go and then slowly pull it back out. There are notches on the InGauge and it will tell you by the color of the soil if the plant has moisture. Dark soil clings to the tool, and indicates that your plant has plenty of water. You can even leave the InGauge in the plant year round, it has a decorative top and comes in a couple of colors. It cost less than $6. You know I am not usually a gardener, but this just seems smart. And both products are made of recycled materials.

Now to the email.....

Question: We bought a watermelon and placed it on top of our black marble counter top in the kitchen. Someone cut it (I'm not saying who) and let it drip on the marble, down the cabinet, and on to the floor. I cleaned up as soon as I saw it, but it has left white marks on my beautiful black marble. When I wipe it down and it's wet, the spots go away, but the minute it's dry...the white marks show up. What can I do? Is my only answer a professional?

Answer: Before you call the pros, I want you to try Marblelife. Use the Marblelife Marble and Travertine Cleaner and clean the whole surface. Then use the Marblelife Etch Remover and polish in small areas at a time in a circular motion. Use a soft rag. As soon as see that the Marble is shiny, stop the action of the Etch Remover by cleaning again with the Marblelife Marble and Travertine Cleaner. So you are going to polish with the Etch Remover, and then clean with the Marble Cleaner...going the whole length of the stain. Just remember, polish a small area at a time, and follow with the cleaner.

Question: Is there anything that you can spray to keep the spider webs off outdoor furniture?

Answer: Use the Shoo Fly Ant Roach and Spider. Works every time. Its safe around small children and pets after it's dry. (about 20 minutes)

Question: I have a iron bed I inherited, and I love it. But it's got so many layers of paint on it and I want to take them off. Would it be better to strip it, or sand it?

Answer: Lets do it the easy way, use the Soy Gel. It's completely odor free and if you just put down plastic on the floor underneath it can do it right where it is. Just brush on the Soy Gel, and then let it work. When you can rub your finger on the bed and see metal, you are done. Remove the Soy Gel and then wipe down the bed with a wet rag to remove all the residue. Stripping furniture never got easier.


Right now a lot of people are moving. Back from college, or just moving to a new home. I know I moved a lot going back and forth from South West Texas. I would just leave my clothes on the hangers and put them in the trunk. But why not leave them on the hangers and put a garbage bag around them. Like when you get them from the cleaners. They would stay clean, and not slide all over the place in my trunk. Wish I had thought of that!