Through The Roof

I have written about Through the Roof before. But it's one of those products that is so good I want to talk about it again. There is nothing on the market right now like Through The Roof. Through The Roof is a clear roof coating. If you have a leak on the roof, sometimes its hard to tell where it is. And that's what great about Through The Roof. You can paint it on, because it comes in a quart or a gallon. And it's clear, so you don't have that black tar spot on the roof. It comes in a caulking tube which is thicker to cover up cracks around the fireplace or vent pipes. And you can apply it to a wet roof. So the next time it rains, you don't have to wait ….you can spot the leak and paint on the Through The Roof. I bought a house that had a metal roof on it and it leaked. They had put roofing tar on the roof to take care of the leaks. Roofing tar is cheap, and it doesn't last. It will crack from the sun shine, and then you have to take care of the leak all over again. We took off the tar, and brushed on the Through The Roof and bingo no more leaks. It will stick to steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, stucco and brick. It also works on wood, glass, cloth and canvas. Whatever you put it on will be waterproof. You can put it on your gutters, and never see it. If you have one of those fiberglass corrugated patio covers and it leaks where it is attached to the house, use the caulking to seal that up. There are so many ways to use this product. Just thought you needed to know.

Now to the email.....

Question: I have some rotten wood areas around the eves of my home. I don't want to have to replace all that long lumber. And the rot is in just one area. Did you talk about a product that you just painted on to take care of rotten wood? That would be simple.

Answer: The product I talked about is called MinWax Wood Hardner. And you just paint it on the rotten wood area. Paint it on 3 times, until the surface is shiny. That tells you that is it completely absorbed. If you need to replace any area that has rotted away, then use the MinWax Wood Filler. Dries in 30 minutes, sand smooth. You won't need any primer. Then you can paint. There is no telling how much money you will save by doing this.

Question: I have a front door that gets so much sun. The door is getting dull. I don't want to have to refinish the door right now. But is there anything else I can do to make it look better.

Answer: Yes there is. Use the SunShield on the door. It will restore the look of your door before it started looking so dull. Just take a soft cloth and clean the door first getting off all the dirt and dust and then put the SunShield on a rag and just act like you are dusting the door. You will see the difference right away. And anytime you think the door looks dull, just repeat.

Question: I just bought a house and love it. But the appliances don't match in the kitchen. I don't see any reason to replace them right now, they work just fine. But one is SS, and one is black...and I want them to match. Is there a paint that would hold up to everyday use? And would it be easy to apply?

Answer: Giani makes a spray paint that looks like Stainless Steel, because it has stainless steel in it. It's easy to apply and comes in two sizes. A small kit for the dishwasher, or cooktop, and then a large kit for the refrigerator. The results are amazing. They even make a countertop paint that looks like granite, or carrara marble.

Question: I have a fiberglass tub and I am so nervous about to clean it with. So I'm asking the pro...

Answer: For fiberglass and acrylics there is no cleaner like Bring It On. We brought it in a couple of years ago and tested it a tub that someone was going to replace if they couldn't get it clean. And they came in praising the Bring It On. So ifs it's fiberglass or's Bring It On.


Galvanized buckets make great containers for the patio, just remember to add wheels. Change up the patio with just a tug.