There is a labor saver tape called Xtreme Tape. It is a quick fix for so many jobs around the house and car. It comes in a roll that is 10 ft long but it stretches to 30 ft. It’s that stretching that provides you the fix that you need. Xtreme Tape was developed for the military and it will with stand temperatures up to 500 degrees. It insulates up to 400 volts, has a tensile strength up to 600 psi and will give you a permanent air and water tight seal. So if you have a water pipe that springs a leak in the house anywhere, Xtreme Tape is a permanent fix. Not just a temporary one. If you break a hose on your car, it will fix that too. If your sprinkler system springs a leak, you can use Xtreme Tape. Just turn off the water, clean the area and wrap the pipe. Pull the tape as you wrap and now you have made a permanent fix to your sprinkler system. Anytime you have a leak in the house whether it hot or cold water, Xtreme Tape will fix it. Leak in your favorite garden hose? Fix it with Xtreme Tape. Whether its copper pipe or a exhaust system in your car…where ever you have a leak…if it’s a pipe or hose…it can be repaired with Xtreme Tape. Xtreme Tape is not like any other tape…it has no adhesive on one side. But it will stick to itself and when you stretch and pull, it will weld together producing that permanent repair. The only thing you need to remember is that the surface needs to be clean, and dry. Xtreme Tape is one of those things that seem too good to be true, but just try it once and you will be a believer. Xtreme Tape retails around $10.00

Now to the email…..

Question: We are having sewer smells in our bathroom. I remember you mentioned a hint in a newspaper about using a water hose to flush the vent pipe to the bathroom from the roof? Can you tell me that again…can’t find it in your new book?

Answer: Yes you are right. Have someone (not you) get on the roof and run a garden hose down the vent pipe and turn the water on. Washing down the pipe will remove spider webs, and leaves that clog up the pipe. When the pipe is clear and clean the smell will disappear. If it doesn’t …call me at the store in San Antonio. And you are right…on page 34 of vol. 10…it says to run a garden hose down the vent pipe when your toilet is gurgling, but nothing about smells. Thanks for the heads up!

Question: Johnnie, my plumber is recommending that we use a product in our drains monthly to keep our old plumbing from frequent backups. It’s this non toxic formula ( a secret one) and it’s expensive. Our problem is tree roots. We are very careful about what we put down the drain, have no dishwasher (except for my husband) and it seems to be working but is there a less expensive way to take care of the pipes?

Answer: Any product that is 99.9% Copper Sulfate will do the trick. We sell Root Clear. It comes in a 2 lb container and you put 1 lb in the toilet at night and flush…leave it alone and then the next night put the remaining 1lb in the toilet and flush. That’s it! It should be all you need. Doing this twice a year should do the trick.

Question: We have a older kitchen that I am unable to remodel at this time. It has counter tops that are laminate. I was wondering if you know of anything that I can put on it to cover some of the marking from knives and such?

Answer: Until we found Giani Granite Paint, there was nothing you could do for bad looking laminate. But Giani Granite Paint is really amazing. It looks like real granite, and until you run your hand across it do you know the difference. And the great part is that is a DIY product. We have sold so many kits and my customers have really loved how their kitchens have turned out. Infact we have a video on our website, www.happyhandyman.com …and then click on the video to get a idea of the changes that can be made. Costs less than $80.00 and can be done in a weekend.


We have a new way to provide fragrance in a home, they are called lamp rings. You put it on top of the light bulbs in your lamps. I like to use the oil from Orleans. Angel is my favorite.