Start Your Engines

Up to now it has been really hard to find a product that would start my 2 and 4 cycle small engine equipment. You always have to drain the gas out, or if you didn' would take your lawn mower, string trimmer, wood chipper, or even the wet jet to a repair shop. I always crossed my fingers they would not charge a arm and a leg to get them started. Well that's all over! Start Your Engines is the new product to use. Start Your Engines comes in a 4 oz bottle that will start 2 small engines. Just 2 oz in a gallon gas tank is all it takes. Just put it in the tank, and wait a few minutes and then pull the engine and BINGO your ready to start! Costs less than $9. Hey the last time I took my wet jet in to get it started it cost $300. Wish I had Start Your Engines then!

Now to the email....

Question: We have a limestone rock house with cedar trim and the mortar has cracked as the house has settled. Most of the cracks zig zag from the ground to the top plate. How and with what is the best way to seal up the cracks and still keep the look consistent?

Answer: Use a product called More Flex. It comes in two colors. Apply it using a caulking gun. It will stay flexible, which is what you want. It's a great product to use on brick mortar and stucco also.

Question: Johnnie, I recently moved to a older home that has wall to wall carpeting. It has a bunch of stains. What can I use that will really take up the stains? Many products promise a lot, but few work.

Answer: For spot stains the best is Herby's Fame. We haven't seen a stain that it won't take out yet. It's also great for any type of fabric in your laundry, or upholstery and car interior.

Question: Already we are having problems with crawling pests, even though it's still cool. I don't want to hire a pest control professional but I hate walking in on bugs. They act like they own the place!

Answer: I don't use a professional, I use Shoo Fly Ant, Roach, and Spider. It takes care of anything that walks across a surface. It's safe around pets, and small children after it's dry. Once a bug takes a step across Shoo Fly, they are dead. Shoo Fly even kills scorpions! Great for the hill country.

Question: I have a lake house that we don't get out to during the winter. So I know the decks and walk ways will look terrible when we go out for the Spring. What was the name of the product that you talked about that will clean outside?

Answer: 30 Second OutDoor Cleaner works just like the name implies. Just put it in a pump up sprayer and start cleaning. You can use it concentrated straight from the gallon, or delute it down for smaller jobs. It is safe on wood, concrete, and composites. Use it on the outside of planters, bird baths, water fountains, any where dirt and mildew are a problem. They even have their own sprayer, that can handle the cleaners in the 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner. Not all sprayers can.

Question: My garage door has started sticking and then stops when I use the opener. Then I have to stop it ...go and help it up. I know that the stopping and starting again is not good for the motor. I have looked and I don't see anything that is keeping it from going up. What should I do?

Answer: A lot of homeowners will put a grease called garage door grease on the track, but I don't. I use Tri Flow. It's a lubricant that doesn't attract dust. So you don't get a greasy, dirty build up that in the long run will cause you problems like you are having. Spray the track, the wheels and then try using your garage door. That will take care of your problem.


For hanging a sheer behind your existing curtain...use a bungie cord hooked to the curtain rod. It's not great for a 8 ft span, but for a 4ft standard window, it's great. No one will ever see it!