Cabinet Magic

There are some products on the market that are like “how can they do what they say they can do”. There is one product that really comes to mind and I want to share with you again because I have had so many emails, and phone calls on just this subject. Many people will get discouraged over the shape of their kitchen cabinets. And then really get discouraged when they look at the cost of replacing cabinets. Their cabinets look dull, or are dirty, and just don't look as good as they used to. And right now is not a good time for them to go to the expense of replacement or even refacing. And even though I really push DIY, sanding and stripping cabinets is not what I like to do. Why do that when all you have to do is wipe on Restore A Finish in the color of your cabinets. It's that simple. And then use the Feed and Wax to provide a beautiful luster back to the cabinets. If your cabinets are especially dirty you will want to clean them first with Fine Wood Cleaner. You can do all the cabinets in a hour, from cleaning to protection. It's what I used on my cabinets. We bought a house that had been closed up for a year and the cabinets were dry and dirty. We use the Restore A Finish and the Feed and Wax and after the cabinets were done...they looked beautiful. But Restore A Finish is not just for cabinets. If you have scratches on your furniture, or your furniture has been in storage...Restore A Finish works wonders. The first time I saw Restore A Finish used was at a Ace Hardware Show in Denver on a old upright piano. It had all these cobweb scratches across the finish. The sales rep took the Restore A Finish and wiped it across a portion of the scratches and they disappeared. Then he took the Feed and Wax and polished up that portion. It was amazing...that was over 20 years ago...I can't tell you how many cans I have sold of Restore A Finish. You want to know why you haven't heard of Restore A Finish. The furniture refinishers have kept it secret for years. Restore A Finish comes in 8 colors- Maple, Pine, Golden Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Dk Walnut, and Dk Oak.

Now to the email....

Question: I have read your column regularly for years and have yet to see a question like mine. I was cooking some fish in a pyrex baking dish and when I pulled it from the oven it broke. All the fish and juices went all over the door and floor. I cleaned all the floor, and oven door. I even pulled out the door so I could clean all the little crevices. And I ran a cleaning cycle in the oven for 3 hours. But I still smell fish. I have put bowls of baking soda in the oven to deororize it. And I even used ammonia. My only thing I guess is to change out the gaskets. Can I do that myself?

Answer: Spray the whole door down with Bio Zapp. Really soak the gaskets. Let it air dry. Bio Zapp kills odors. You might have to do it twice for a strong odor.

Question: I have a glass top stove and I have accumulations of whatever, grease maybe? They are so hard to remove. Do you have a suggestion?

Answer: Use Weiman Glass Top Cleaner, and let it set for a bit and then use a green scubby pad to clean off the cleaner. Polish it off with a soft rag. If you still have residue left, use a single edged razor blade (the kind you use to take off windshield stickers) and use the edge to pop off the built up grease. It wont harm the glass. My daughter does this.

Question: I am looking at some awesome chairs but it looks like the legs have wood rot. They are weight bearing does that matter?

Answer: Use the Minwax Hardner. Put on 3 coats, letting it dry between coats. When the surface is shiny you are done. If there is any missing wood...use the Minwax Filler.


Following up with the last couple of tips on speed cleaning. I just put in the best cleaning pad I have seen in a long time. They are called Scrubbies. They are chenille on one side and a nylon scrub on the other side. They are small so you can tuck one in each bathroom with your cleaning supplies. Call me if you can't find one near you.