The Rat Pack

A few weeks ago right before Christmas when it had just started getting cold, Jo and I went out to our lake house on Lake McQueeney. We were watching a Spurs game sitting on the couch and out of no where the tiniest little mouse went scooting across the floor. I didn't see it, but my sweet wife did and let out with a scream. Jo said that a “huge rat” was in the house. She immediately announced her departure and asked if I was coming. Well the smart man knows what to do, and we went home. I love going to the lake so the next day my project was getting rid of that “varmint”. I like to use glue traps, but not all glue traps are alike. J Eaton makes a glue trap that works great, and are peanut butter scented (the mouse preference)and made from recycled plastic. They cost less than $9, and come two in a package. I put out 4 traps, because if your see 1 mouse, there are more. The next morning I came back to the lake and found 3 mice (they were tiny) stuck to the traps. I set out more traps and watched them for a week. The traps stayed empty, so I guess I took care of my “rat” problem. If you have a lake house, ranch house, using J Eaton glue traps are easy and the best that I know of. And they are made in the USA!

Now to the email....

Question: In December you mentioned a product that would keep mildew away for months. I try and keep the mildew away in the shower, but I have to clean it all the time. What was that name? And can I use it outside on the patio furniture?

Answer: The product name is Clear Shell. Clean your shower and when it is dry, spray on the Clear Shell and let dry completely before using the shower again. It will keep mildew away for 18 months. It's perfect for outdoor furniture, awnings, siding and will last the 18 months outdoor also.

Question: I am repairing a crack in the living room. What was the name of that flex product you spoke about in your newspaper column? I want to be a hero and your help is greatly appreciated.

Answer: Put on your Superman suit and get some Good Bye Cracks. Fill in the crack first with Dry Dex Spackling and then spray on the Good Bye Cracks, 3 coats, and let dry between coats. No sanding, then just paint.

Question: Ok I did what you said, but the odor in my bath is still lingering. I washed out all the vents on the roof and the odor is better, but not gone. What do I do now?

Answer: Well...that should have taken care of the only thing left to do is kill the odor in the air with a Air Sponge. Get a Air Sponge for each return air and turn on the fan and let the Air Sponge clean up the lingering odor. Let me know how this goes.

Question: Last summer we had a flagstone patio installed. The bid did not include sealing it and the contractor said we needed to wait a few months before we did that. He has suggested we do it now but we think the price is a little high. We are thinking of attempting to do it ourselves. First we need to clean it off...any suggestions? Or do we need to do it at all?

Answers: You don't have to do it...but it will bring the color out if you do. And sure you can do it yourself. First clean with 30 Second Cleaner, let dry and then use Wetlook High Gloss Sealer by Quikcrete. You can spray it on or roll it on.

Question: I have read your weekly articles in the Bellaire in Houston for many years. We live in a home built in 1964 so a lot of issues you write about apply to our home. We have terrazzo floors and they have stains. What's the best product or home remedy to remove the stains?

Answer: Use Marblelife Travertine all the Marblelife products because they are so safe.


If you have hardwood floors, or laminate floors the easiest cleaner to use is the most reasonably priced. Its Zep Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner. Just spray on use a clean swifter and mop. You don't even have to rinse, it's that neutral.