Some Great Questions Start the New Year!

I had some great questions this week and wanted to share them with you.

Question: Two years ago I installed Trex Decking to a very large deck and boat dock. I am please with the Trex however it has mildew spots. What do you recommend to treat it with?

Answer: Clean the Trex with 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner. It's safe on Trex and other composite materials. Not all cleaners can be used on composites but 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner is safe. Comes in quarts and in gallons. It really does clean in 30 seconds and can be used on everything from awnings to outdoor furniture.

Question: We taped down some electrical cords on the carpet during Christmas, and now the carpet has a tacky feel since we pulled up the tape. What can we use to remove the residue but not harm our carpet?

Answer: Goof Off. It won't harm the carpet fibers.

Question: I have a set of dining room chairs that constantly gets caught on the carpet. We always have to jump with the chair to move away from or toward the table while seated.

Answer: Magic Sliders are my favorite. They have a Teflon bottom on them that makes it easy to move your chairs on wood, carpet, and tiles. I put some on my dining room chairs about 15 years ago and they still move around like I put them on yesterday. I used the ones that have a nail that goes into the leg and then you tap on the slider over that. Magic Sliders are alittle more expensive but they are much better than others.

Question: I know you wrote about sewer odors in the bathroom. I didn't need the info then, I do now. HA! Hubby said it had something to do with a vent on the roof. Hubby says we need a we?

Answer: You don't need a plumber, you just need someone that can safely get on the roof and put a water hose down the vent pipe and run some water through it. Flushing the pipe will get out any little leaves and cobwebs that get stuck in the pipe and that's all it takes to keep the sewer fumes from going out the vent pipe.

Question: I have found small holes in several wool articles of clothing and I am not sure what is causing it. My guess is moths. I love reading your articles in out local paper so it occurred to me that you might have a solution. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Answer: Safer Products makes Pantry Pest that you can use to get rid of moths in the closet. Just hang and the product will draw the moths and then you just throw it away.

Question: I have a Delta Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet in my bathroom lavatory. My cleaning people used Bon Ami to clean the pop up assembly and took off the bronze. Now the plate that goes into the sink is completely brass. Is there any way to add the oil rubbed bronze back? Thanks so much.

Answer: I would call Delta because they probably guarantee the finish on the faucet and pop up. But from now on I would use Bring It On to clean with. It's safe and cleans like crazy. You can use it on fixtures, cultured marble, and acrylic tubs and showers.

Question: My son changed his oil and the place didn't tighten down the filter enough. Now there is a big stain on the driveway. He has tried so many things but nothing seems to budge it. Now the HOA is after him. What can he do to remove the stain? Love your column.

Answer: Drive Up is the product to use tho clean up the oil stain. What I want you to do is to spray the stain 4 times in a hour (every 15 minutes) so you keep the stain wet...then the last time you spray the stain scrub it with a broom and use your garden hose and rinse off with water. That's it! And Drive Up smells great and is safe around all your grass. No need to power wash, just a regular garden hose to rinse off.


If you are cooking in the crockpot a lot these days and not using a crockpot saver, you are spending a lot of time cleaning ...when you don't have to. You can find these savers in most kitchen stores.