HHM 040314

I will never forget the first time someone told me that I had termites. It scared the daylights out of me! I had just bought the house and was remolding it. I had nightmares of the house falling down on Jo and I. I started calling around town to get a idea on what it would cost to get rid of them and keep them away. It got into the thousands of dollars. Well I knew that was high but I wanted someone I could depend on and warranties are only as the people that back them up. I found a product for inside the house called Shoo Fly Termite Control. We talk about Shoo Fly Ant Roach and Spider but this product is for termites. And for the outside of the house I used Ortho Home Defense. One pt makes 5 gallons that you use around the house. Dig a trench about 6” wide and 4” deep all around the house, pour in the solution, and it will keep the termites away for up to 5 years. One gallon will make enough to cover 10 to 12 ½ feet of the trench and cost about $27. So you can do it yourself or have someone do it for you. But at least you know that something works and you don’t have to scared if you see termites. It will be summer time before you know it and if fleas are a problem for you, a good product to use is a Enforcer product called Flea Spray for Yards Concentrate VI . You attach it to your hose and spray the yard. You want to make sure the ground is dry. If you have any leaf debris it must be picked up. Then spray. Spray every two weeks for 6 weeks to stop the cycle of the fleas. For mosquitoes there is a Enforcer Yard Spray that you can attached to the hose also and spray before a party. Ceiling fans help a lot with keeping mosquitoes away. It’s hard to land in a wind storm! Ha.

Now to the email…..

Question: I was wondering if there is anything I can use on a quarterly basis to keep the algae and gunk from clogging up the drain on my AC.

Answer: The best product I have found is the easiest . ACtabsEE is a tablet pack that you just drop in the drip pan. Put it the pan the farthest from the drain making sure the small tablet is the farthest away from the drain. If your pan is dirty – clean it out first so that the dirt will not clog the holes in the packaging. Your hands never touch the product. No trying to pour bleach into that little drain again.

Question: I was wondering about what surfaces that I can use Delete Germ on? Can I use it on stainless steel?

Answer: Not on stainless steel….it would leave a mark. But you can use it on glass, porcelain, tile, toilets. If you are trying to clean stainless, use the Sheila Shine . It’s great for sinks and appliances to keep them looking great.

Question: How do you get over spray off varnished cabinets? My painters got maroon paint on one side of the kitchen cabinet and I didn’t notice it til after they were gone. I’m worried that anything I use might take off the varnish and ruin the cabinets. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: We like a new product called Tub O Towels. It’s more than a cleaner …it’s the rag and the cleaner. It comes in a canister that keeps the towels moist. When you want to clean just pop one towel and start cleaning. We like Tub O Towels because of the shape of the canister, (it fits in the door panel of the truck or car) and how well it cleans with a citrus based cleaner. They also have a Tub O Towels for carpet and upholstery to keep in the vehicle also. And it’s not drying to your hands.

Attention everyone that has a problem with cleaning supply chemicals. We are carrying a new line called E Cloth. You clean just with the cloth and water. We saw these at market and then took them home to try because to us it was too good to be true. They will remove 99% of bacteria with just water. So clean your mirrors, windows and make them sparkle. It will even remove grease off the stove.