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Jomax House Cleaner & Mildew Killer Concentrate Pumie - Flexi Scour Bowl Fresh Toilet Deodorizer
Pumie - Flexi Scour
Our Price: $2.99
Jomax mildewcide concentrate is a patented formula that mixes with water and household bleach to make an effective and economical solution to remove mildew from exterior surfaces. Use Jomax to remove mildew stains from almost any nonporous exterior surface including painted siding and trim, vinyl and aluminum siding, stained or painted decks or fences, stucco, brick, and masonry. Porous surfaces may require multiple applications. Can be used near plants or shrubs. To make 5 gallon of solution mix 3 quart of household bleach with 4 gallon of water and 1 quart of Jomax . 5 gallon treats approximately 1000 sq. ft. Flexi- Scour, an abrasive grit cleaning screen, devours baked on food from grills or pans, scrapes rust from tools, attacks grime, removes hardwater scale and buildup. Toilet deodorizer. Pleasantly scented. Rustproof plastic hanger.
Fels-Naptha Ajax Powder Cleaner with Bleach Granite Gold Stone Scrub Sponge
Our Price: $2.99

Ideal for pre-treating stains. Heavy duty laundry bar

Bleaches out stains, cuts grease in drains. Phosphate free. Guaranteed clean. Easy-rinse formula. With bleach. Size: 28 Oz. Non-abrasive. Designed specifically to be safe on natural stone surfaces; easily removes stuck food particles. Safe for use on stone shower walls and tub surrounds; easily removes water deposits and soap scum without harming the stone surface. Household scrubbing pads should not be used as granite cleaners; they are too abrasive for natural stone surfaces, leaving scratches that require costly repair. Granite Gold is non-scratch and safe on granite, marble, travertine, and all other natural stone. It is great on counters, shower walls, tub surrounds, and floors.
Libman Heavy Duty Scouring Pads Bon Ami Powdered Cleaner Goo Gone Adhesive Remover
Extra abrasive for the toughest clean-ups. Excellent for grease, mildew, and other all around the house tough messes, 3-pack. Unique ingredients remove dried on splatters and spills, burned on grease, baked on food, and sticky messes. Recommended by plumbing fixture, appliance, and cookware manufacturers because it cleans without scratching. Does not contain chlorine, perfume, dye, phosphorous, or bleach. Safe to use in the kitchen, on utensils, and eating surfaces, and around children and pets. 14 oz.

Eliminates ooey sticky problems such as crayon stickers gum lipstick wax