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Acid Magic Formby's Lemon Oil Treatment Murphy Oil Soap Liquid Wood Cleaner

Acid Magic is a full strength 1-to-1 replacement for muriatic acid that has 90% fewer fumes and won’t burn intact skin. It has been formulated to ship, use, and store easier than standard muriatic acid. The greatly reduced fumes allow it to be stored without fume damage to the surrounding area. With Acid Magic, you can safely balance pools and spas, clean brick stone, grout, concrete (etching), shower and bathtub tiles, toilets, sinks and much more! Available in 1 quart or 1 gallon sizes.

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Wood preservative that brings out natural luster without wax or silicones. Penetrates into wood and prevents it from drying out. Helps prevent finish from checking and deteriorating. To be applied after cleaning old wax and polish from furniture with Furniture Cleaner. Murphy's oil soap has been trusted for over 90 years as a naturally gentle cleaner. Use on finished wood surfaces: Wood floors, wood paneling, cabinets, laminate floors, tables and chairs, and bookcases. Use on nonwood surfaces: No-wax floors, laundry stains, ceramic tile, painted surfaces, cars, and vinyl.
Air Sponge Fels-Naptha Pumie - Flexi Scour
Air Sponge
Johnnie's Favorites
Our Price: $2.99
Pumie - Flexi Scour
Our Price: $2.99

Finally, a range of non-toxic and biodegradable odor absorbers that are planet-friendly
– Nature’s Air Sponge is made with a soap based gel with activated charcoal to naturally eliminate virtually all odors and pollutants from inside homes, offices, cars, as well as lingering odors on clothing, curtains and carpets. Unlike traditional aerosol sprays that mask odors with perfume and scents, Nature’s Air Sponge actually absorbs and eliminates offensive odors and microscopic pollutants.

How does it work? Quite easily. Nature’s Air Sponge products starts working once the container is opened, and the two components (soap based gel and activated charcoal) interact to dissipate a stream of odor molecules into the environment, interacting with and neutralizing odor and pollutant molecules. This unique combination creates a pure, fresh, healthy air quality.

Three sizes: 1/2 pound 1 pound 4 pounds

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Ideal for pre-treating stains. Heavy duty laundry bar

Flexi- Scour, an abrasive grit cleaning screen, devours baked on food from grills or pans, scrapes rust from tools, attacks grime, removes hardwater scale and buildup.
Bowl Fresh Toilet Deodorizer Ajax Powder Cleaner with Bleach Granite Gold Stone Scrub Sponge
Toilet deodorizer. Pleasantly scented. Rustproof plastic hanger. Bleaches out stains, cuts grease in drains. Phosphate free. Guaranteed clean. Easy-rinse formula. With bleach. Size: 28 Oz. Non-abrasive. Designed specifically to be safe on natural stone surfaces; easily removes stuck food particles. Safe for use on stone shower walls and tub surrounds; easily removes water deposits and soap scum without harming the stone surface. Household scrubbing pads should not be used as granite cleaners; they are too abrasive for natural stone surfaces, leaving scratches that require costly repair. Granite Gold is non-scratch and safe on granite, marble, travertine, and all other natural stone. It is great on counters, shower walls, tub surrounds, and floors.
Libman Heavy Duty Scouring Pads Bon Ami Powdered Cleaner Goo Gone Adhesive Remover
Extra abrasive for the toughest clean-ups. Excellent for grease, mildew, and other all around the house tough messes, 3-pack. Unique ingredients remove dried on splatters and spills, burned on grease, baked on food, and sticky messes. Recommended by plumbing fixture, appliance, and cookware manufacturers because it cleans without scratching. Does not contain chlorine, perfume, dye, phosphorous, or bleach. Safe to use in the kitchen, on utensils, and eating surfaces, and around children and pets. 14 oz.

Eliminates ooey sticky problems such as crayon stickers gum lipstick wax