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Delete Germ - Gallon DRYLOK Wet Look Sealer Instant Power Toilet & Tank Cleaner
Delete Germ - Gallon
Our Price: $23.95
DRYLOK Wet Look Sealer
Our Price: $36.99
Great for cleaning showers, ceramic tile, and toilets. Great clean smell, not harsh! Provides clear weather-proof protection against deterioration caused by deicing salt, gasoline, oil, weather, and watering. It seals and builds to a high gloss finish on bare and previously painted masonry surfaces. Ideal for interior and exterior horizontal masonry surfaces, including concrete driveways, garage floors, basement floors, concrete sidewalks, brick walkways, terrazzo, and slate surfaces. Can restore beauty and cleanability to a nonglossy latex floor coating. Do not use over a silicone treated surface, or on any masonry surface subjected to hydrostatic pressure. Vertical surfaces subjected to hydrostatic pressure should be treated with Drylok masonry. Must follow data sheet instructions for proper surface preparation. Dry Time (to touch): 1 hour, dry time (to recoat): 4 hours, or dry time (rain free): 24 hours. Covers approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon, depending upon surface porosity and film thickness applied. Clean brushes and tools with soap and water. Removes buildup of calcium, rust, and hard water deposits in tank. Prolongs life of toilet components. Safe for septic Systems. Pour 8 oz (1/2 bottle) into the tank, for best results leave in tank overnight, use as often as needed.

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VS 102 Ant & Roach Spray Clobber Insect Spray Clean-X Invisible Shield Limescale & Stain Remover
VS 102 Ant & Roach Spray
Our Price: $11.99
VS 102 is an EPA registered, residual crack and crevice insecticide spray. VS 102 drops a broad spectrum of insects on contact. Kills and controls lice, dust mites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, crickets, spiders, scorpions, fleas and ticks, houseflies, gnats, carpet beetles, clothes moths, silverfish, centipedes, and more. Removes tough stains and minerals.  Safe and easy to use. Cleans and shine in minutes.  Use on showers, tubs, tile, sinks, and countertops.
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