Fiber Fix

I just got back from the International Hardware Show in Las Vegas. I think that it’s the best hardware show I’ve been to, but I say that every year. And it is every year….talented people invent products that make our lives easier, and save you money. And this week, I go to another hardware show in Indianapolis. It’s the Do It Best Show and I can’t wait to see what kind of specials they will have. Last week we had not been at the show 30 minutes when I found a product called Fiber Fix. I looked at it and thought, well that’s just another tape like X-Treme tape. But on closer inspection the Fiber Fix was not like X-Treme tape. Fiber Fix can weld together a long handle tool so well that you can stand on the break of the handle and it will hold your weight. How many times have you broken a shovel, or hoe and have to stop the project to look for a store that will have a handle that will work. Fiber Fix is 100 times stronger that duct tape and hardens like steel. You can use it on handles on tools, wheelbarrows, vacuum hoses, pipes, pvc sprinkler pipes, chair legs, railing and beams. The Fiber Fix is waterproof and sand able. You can paint it. It is heat and cold resistant. And like I said earlier …you can stand on. All you have to do to use Fiber Fix is wet the product and wrap it around whatever is broken and within 10 minutes….it’s cured and you are ready to go back to the job. I’m going to keep some around the house and in the truck. This is just the start of new items we found….so stay tuned to the next articles.

Now to the email…..

Question: Johnnie, we have had rain in the last few weeks and I was surprised to find out I had a leak on the roof. It’s just in one area and I don’t want to have to replace shingles. Didn’t you write about a product that you can put on the roof to seal it? I can’t remember the name …but if you tell me I’m getting some. All the rest of the roof is just fine. I had a tree that rubbed an area and evidently caused the problem.

Answer: There has never been a better product for the roof than Thru The Roof. Before Thru The Roof we all put that black tar on the roof to seal any little leak. Black tar lasted only a couple of years. Black tar looks ugly on the roof. Thru The Roof is a clear product and will last 10 years. Thru The Roof comes in a brushable quart and gallon for all the shingled areas of the roof. A gallon will cover around 12 sq feet. You can use the caulk underneath shingles, around the fireplace flashing and around any vent pipe coming through the roof(that’s why they named it Thru The Roof). You can even use it when the roof is wet. The gallon is under $45, the qt is under $20 and the caulk is under $10.

Question: My front door gets intense heat and sun in the afternoon. It looks so dull and flat. I don’t want to have to re-finish it again. Is there a easy way to make this door look good?

Answer: Use the Sun Wax by Howard. Just put it on a soft rag, and act like your dusting. It’s that easy to freshen up the door and make it look better.

Question: Last year I had a leak in the AC – because the pan over flowed. I guess the drain was clogged. But what I want to know …is there a easy way to keep that drain open? My AC man want s me to pour Clorox down a drain up in the attic….where it is going to very hot …very soon.

Answer: The easy way….drop ACtabs EE in the pan…if water builds up in the pan…they start working…if the pan is dry…they don’t. It’s the easiest way I know of.

Question: I have aerobic sewer system at my house. It was expensive and I want to keep it running smoothly. What is the best product to use ?

Answer: By far ….One Flush. You get a 3 month supply for only $10.