F26 Glue

I want to thank all my readers that take the time to email me before they start a project. Asking the questions before the work begins usually saves my customer time and money. Just this morning I received a email asking about glues. He had a container to go in the back of his car to carry groceries and wanted to attach it to either side of the car. Gluing plastics is difficult and he had tried quite a few with no success. I suggested F26 glue made by Leech. It is a heavy duty, professional grade adhesive that is number 1 with bonding porous materials. It’s the only glue that I know of that gets stronger as it cures. Vibration and flexing does not affect it. It will fill gaps and voids in your project. Dries fast and easy, and will bond with very little pressure. It will clean up with paint thinner. It will bond plywood, bathroom fixtures, fiberglass, electrical outlets, sheetrock, plastics, just to name a few. It comes in a caulking tube and in a 1.25oz tube. So it really seems like the best glue for just about any project. Since we are talking about glues, let me tell you about a glue that is specific for a certain type of project. If you have wooden chairs that have gotten kinda wiggly, maybe the rungs have come loose….the perfect glue is called Chair Lok. Without taking out the rungs, you can re-glue each one with Chair Lok. Chair Lok comes with a needle nose that you can put down into the loose joint. It is very thin glue so it penetrates easily. Not only will it work on chairs but on stair rungs, loose handles, dovetail joints. Save time repairing your project because you don’t have to take it all apart. Now with the info I have given you are ready to glue just about anything.

Now to the email…

Question: I have cleaned up the dirty grout on my floor. Now I want to know how to keep it clean for a while. Is there a sealer that I can use?

Answer: Stonetech is a great product line that has Advanced Grout Sealer. This sealer comes in a 13.5 spray can and will give you maximum protection against stains and it can be used on floors and walls.

Question: Some white circles are showing up on my dining room table. It must be that someone left a ice tea glass over night on the table. What takes the white ring out of a table?

Answer: The name of the product is called White Ring Remover. This is a special cloth designed to remove the moisture between the coats of varnish in your furniture. That’s what causes that white ring. And it’s great that you caught it while it’s still white….if you leave it and it turns black…it’s a whole lot harder to get rid of. Just take the cloth and wipe over the white ring and it will immediately go away.

Question: My Mom still lives by herself. (And proud of it!) Her home is an older home and has kind of a musty smell to it. Mom loves candles, but I would rather she would not light them in the house. But she loves certain fragrances and has always had. I know you wrote about a wax vessel that looked pretty and also had a great smell. She would probably love that….however I can’t remember what you said the name was. Oh and by the way, we ordered that dip you raved about in the article. And you were right – it is great. We made some for our Memorial Day Celebrations and boy did everyone like it.

Answer: Trudy said those are called Habersham Wax Vessels. We carry them at the store and they seem to be a big hit. They are a decorative wax item in several sizes that produce a fragrance without a flame. That should work for you and your Mom. For everyone else…the name of that dip is called Chipotle Cheddar and it is the best dip.