E-mail Question from End of June

I can’t tell you how many great questions we had on the email this week….I want to share all of them with you …hopefully they answer some of the questions around your house.

Question : My neighbor has gutters and was continually having problems with leaves and gunk weighing down the gutters. So he decided to have gutter screens put on. I was shocked about the cost of the gutter screens. I have gutters also…I like them because they put the recent rain we have in the spot that I want it. I have problems with leaves also, but will NOT put screens on at the cost that he did. You always come up with great products that save me money…what about this one Johnnie?

Answer: Well there is a alternative to expensive gutter screens, and you can Do It Yourself. I like to call it “Not In My Gutter”…but it is really called gutter screens. They come in 2 colors …white and brown, and they cost 2.99 for 3 ft of screening. So if you need 100 feet of screen, it will cost you less than $100. So simple to install, just slip under the shingle, and snap over the gutter. That’s it! Say goodbye to leaves and junk clogging up the gutters and put that much needed rain in the rain barrel to use later. Call me or email me and I will tell where to get them.

Question: Please help me…I have a covered patio and every morning I have FROG poop at the back door. There is a small crack in the foundation between the garage door and the frogs hide there. I am so tired of cleaning frog poop. I have tried that Dog and Cat repellant, but it doesn’t keep them away. Johnnie please help me get rid of the Frog and his POOP.

Answer: OK, this is a new question for me. First let clear up the crack in the foundation. Use a product that comes in a caulking tube called Slab. Just fill in the crack and let it cure. It’s the only one that has superior adhesion and flexibility. And you can fill in wide cracks. Smooth it out with a plastic putty knife. Just use soap and water to clean up. Then I want you to use something else to repel the frogs…it’s something that we use for repelling birds. It’s sticky …so only put it at where they are coming in and around that area….you can smooth it out…they won’t like the way it feels and so they won’t come back. The product is called Bye Bye Birdie. I think that this will keep the frogs (and poop) away. If you are still having a problem…call me.

Question: Last night our sweet grandson thought he was helping me polish the furniture. I wasn’t watching and he polished my table with a rock that we had brought him. The scratches are very light and have not gone down below the stain. However you can definitely see the scratches. What would be the right way to fix this? I will be watching our grandson a little closer from now on…HA!

Answer: Let’s use the Restore A Finish first…use a soft rag and wipe across the whole table and not just on the scratched area. This will give you a complete look. After it dries, use the Feed and Wax to add protection. Give us a call and we can send you a color chart on the Restore A Finish.

Question: I have 2 hairline cracks in the bottom of my Jacuzzi tub. I don’t want to remove the tub because I have had estimates on this and it’s real expensive. Is there a way to fix the cracks so I can use the tub?

Answer: I want you to use the Plumbers Goop . It’s a clear adhesive that will stretch and stick to the tub. I want you to stand in the tub to put weight on the cracks so they will be at their widest. Fill in the cracks and smooth them out the best you can. It won’t be a transparent fix but atleast you will be able to use the tub and the cracks won’t get any worse. Let the Goop cure for 24 hours before using the tub again.

Question: I have a home in Costa Rica and the shower doors are completely caked with lime from hard water. What can I do…don’t want to replace them.

Answer: Use the Delete Germ.