Great New Items from the Hardware Show

Dad and I just pre-recorded a show during the 4 th of July. Hope yours was a great one. The show was a little different because we just kind of chit chat between each other talking about different products. This year at the National Hardware Show we noticed a few entrepreneurs that had been on Shark Tank and had come up with some really great ideas that anyone would use around the house. The first one we brought in was InvisiPlug Surge Protector. InvisiPlug is a surge protector that is wood toned. So if you have wood floors, they blend right in. They come in 3 colors – light pine, medium cherry, and a dark oak. With all the TV’s, cable equipment, computers we all need a few extra outlets. And most surge protectors are not really good looking and the InvisiPlug looks great. And the best part it’s no more expensive that just your regular surge protector. InvisiPlug starts at 12.99 and they have a nifty one for 22.99 that also has USB ports. The next item we brought in is FiberFix. FiberFix is a tape that will be a permanent fix. So say you are working outside and break the handle on your rake, shovel or hoe. Usually that means buy a new one, or try and find a replacement handle. But if you have FiberFix you just wet the FiberFix, and then wrap it around whatever is broken, wait 10 minutes and then you are back to work again. I watched 2 big boys( over 6 ft and 200 lbs) stand on the area when they had used FiberFix to repair a handle and it held. I was impressed. This is not just any tape. They say it’s a 100 times stronger than duct tape….it’s a lot more than that. At the Do It Best show we found a item made by Duck. They make all those colorful duct tapes. The product is called GeckoTech Reusable Hook. GeckoTech is like those other hooks made by Command that you can remove from a wall without any damage. But the GeckoTech Reusable Hook is completely clear, and will hold up to 5 lbs. The other strips only hold up to 2 lbs. The GeckoTech is reusable, and uses micro suction to stick to a surface. And the best part…it’s about ½ the price of the other strip.

Now to the email….

Question: Help – I am trying to remove 40 year old contact paper from drawers and shelving. I have used lots of your suggestions before with success. Do you have any ideas on this problem?

Answer: Pull up a edge and put a product down called Goo Gone Pro Power. It will loosen up that area so that you can continue to remove the contact paper. If you are able to remove it, just having a problem removing the left over residue, just use the Goo Gone to wipe it off. Goo Gone does not use a chemical like toluene that smells strong but a citrus based cleaner. So after you clean off all the contact paper…it will smell like oranges for a while.

Question: Can you suggest glue that will stick directly to wood and concrete. I have some wood floors that are directly glued to the foundation. Some of the planks are lifting and I want to glue them back down. There is not any moisture.

Answer: I would use the Leech F-26. It comes in a caulking gun and a small tube. It will stick to both substances. It is a heavy duty, professional quality adhesive. You will like it.

Question: We just had nice clear glass shower doors installed. Is there anything that I can put on the glass to keep them from getting foggy looking?

Answer: I wish I could tell you there is a product that when applied completely repelled hard water stains….but I can’t. Hard water stains are just one of those cleaning jobs that we have to do. Use the Delete Germ to clean off the stains. It works every time. Just remember wear gloves, and work quickly, and rinse immediately. Never just leave the Delete Germ to sit on the glass.