Whedon Shower Head

I thought I would mention a few water saving ideas since we haven’t had a lot of rain lately and in San Antonio, we are at Stage 2 Water Conservation. You know one of the biggest water hogs is the toilet. If you have to flush more than once to clear the bowl…you need to check the flapper. Lift the lid and look in the bowl, now flush the toilet. When the bowl clears, your flapper should be dropping. If it drops too soon, you have to flush again, and if it stays up too long…you’re wasting water also. Get a Frugal Flush Flapper. It’s the flapper that is adjustable. If your flapper stays up to long, you can adjust it to drop down faster, or if it drops too soon, you can adjust it the other way. It’s the best adjustable flapper I know of and will work on almost all toilets. Another way to save water is changing out your shower head. I like to use Whedon. Whedon makes a line a shower heads that is like no other. When you stand underneath a Whedon Shower Head you get a lot of water pressure to rinse off soap and shampoo. But when you look down at the shower floor, there is very little water. If you have a older shower head it will use up to 8 gallons of water per minute. But the Whedon Shower Head uses about half of that and you still get a great shower. There are several styles of the Whedon Shower Head and one has a push button that after you lather up, you can turn it off and then when you are ready to rinse – push the button and you get your water back on at the same temperature. When you water landscaping and grass there is a better hand nozzle to use. It’s called the Little Big Shot. It’s small, it’s easy to hold, and it’s made in the USA by Disabled Vets. It will give you 40% more force and uses 40% less water than most hand held nozzles. It will not leak. It has 3 water sprays. Pin Point, Fan, and Power Spray are all on the same nozzle. When I was cleaning the driveway, the Power Spray sure did a good job rinsing off the driveway cleaner I had applied. All of these items together cost you less than $40.00. And can save you much more!

Now to the email……

Question: Johnnie I have collected your tips for the past couple of years and wondered if you had a collection of tips? I would like to have all your tips at my fingertips and not have to flip through all these pages.

Answer: We do! It’s called The Best of Johnnie Chuoke Vol 10 . I can’t believe that I have written 10 books. Every book I do I will take everything that is still current out of the old books and then add whatever new items are being sold in the store. We add new tips, new ideas and sometimes new recipes for health. So throw all the newspaper clippings away and get Best Of Johnnie Chuoke Vol. 10. It still cost less than $10.

Question: I have to install a grab bar for my mom in the shower. I am wondering what drill bit do I use for going into ceramic tile and the cement board behind the tile.

Answer: Oh I am so glad you asked about this . Irwin is my favorite line of tools. They make something so convenient called a Multi Material Drill Bit. What that means is that one drill bit will go through several different types of materials. It can go through ceramic, drywall, wood, steel, plaster, concrete …everything but glass. And they make a pack of really good sizes for under $22. It is all that is in my toolbox now.

Question: I inherited some great chairs. However they are not very stable when you sit on them. They kind of wiggle and I don’t want any of my guests to sit down on these chairs and end up on the floor. HA! But I really like the chairs, and they have a sentimental value to me because they were from my favorite Aunt. What can I do?

Answer: This is a easy fix. Get some Chair Lok, or it can be called Wonder Lok Em, either one is the same product. It comes with a needle nose dropper and you just drop the product into the rung that is loose. And that’s it! It will stabilize the chairs so they will be safe.