Damp Rid

There is a product that I haven’t written about in a long time. We used it way back, when I was in the Navy. Weapons were shipped and packed in a pellet that absorbed moisture. So when I saw this product I knew how well it would work. If you have a bathroom with no vents or windows you know how easily that moisture can build up and cause mildew on the walls. Well with Damp Rid you take care of the moisture problem. It comes in a large plastic canister and you just set it out in the bath and let it work. It will absorb all the moisture from hot shower and put in right into the canister. After the Damp Rid canister is full of water, you can put a replacement Damp Rid in and it is ready to work again. They even make it in a container that will hang up in the closet. So if moisture is a problem, musty air caused by moisture…. Damp Rid is the product to use. Now Zinsser makes a product called Mold Killing Primer. If you have an area in the home that you always fight with mold(inside or outside) you can remove the rough mildew, and then prime with the Mold Killing Primer by Zinsser, then top coat with your paint of choice and that area of the wall will never get moldy again. In some bathrooms this is a continual problem. Now you have 2 answers – Damp Rid and Mold Killing Primer by Zinsser.

Now to the email…..

Question: Johnnie the restrooms in our church have ceramic tile behind the commodes that need a color change. I have searched the internet on how to paint tile and there are so many different opinions – so I want yours. There shouldn’t be a problem with moisture since the material to be painted is only on the wall about 4 feet high. Can you advise me?

Answer: Prime the tile with a primer called Stix by Insl-X (you can find it at paint stores that carry Coronado or Benjamin Moore). Then any paint will stick to the tile. It’s a amazing primer.

Question: How do I repair a crack in my garage door that is made of wood? What kind of putty do you recommend?

Answer: I like Minwax Wood Filler. And if that door has any rotten wood, harden it right up with the MinWax Wood Sealer. And then after 3 coats of Minwax Wood Sealer , use the Minwax Wood Filler to fill in.

Question: We have some white film on our outside brick. We think it could be from having landscaping like bushes and trees sprayed over the years. What would you recommend to clean that off with? I don’t want to pressure wash it.

Answer: You are smart not to pressure wash the brick. Use the Rust Remover by Goof Off…you won’t even have to scrub.

Question: Which of your products are best for cleaning and removing rust/water stains in the toilet bowl? What products can you put in the toilet tank?

Answer: Use the Delete Germ to remove the hard water stains and rust stains that in the toilet bowl. Lift the lid of the tank and put the Delete Germ in the over-flo pipe. (about a cup) Don’t flush the toilet – just let the Delete Germ work its way down the toilet. Then since you have some tough stains, also put some in the bowl. You can let it work over night and then give the bowl a scrub with a good toilet brush. Delete Germ is my toilet bowl cleaner of choice because it doesn’t smell caustic. Don’t put any product in the tank…it will mess with the rubber flapper.

Question: I have a rocker that I purchased from a smoker. I thought if I left it outside the smell would go away. I was wrong! What can I do to get rid of the smell….I really like rocker.

Answer: Completely wash down the rocker with Bio Zapp….You might have to do it several times. If the rocker still smells after the Bio Zapp treatment….you might have to remove the varnish ( use the Soy Gel) and then put on a new finish. If you are going to use it outside, make sure you use a Spar Varnish like one from Zar or MinWax.