Jomax and Through the Roof

 This week the article was inspired by
a question about a metal roof.  Our reader wanted to know what to use
to keep his metal roof clean.  The most economical cleaner is
.  The Jomax comes in a concentrate that you dilute
with 3 pints of Clorox and then add water to a 2 gallon pump up
sprayer.  It will not harm your plants or vegetation because by the
time it gets on your plants it is so diluted it will not hurt your
plants.  It was the first cleaner that we had years ago to clean the
outside of the house and it is still made the same way and works just
as well as it used to.  If you have a metal roof and you have any
leaks from nail holes you just use the Through the Roof.
Through the Roof comes in a caulking tube that is a thicker
formula, which is good for nail holes, and around vent pipes and
fireplaces.  If you have a leak in a area that is flat, the brush
able quart and gallon works great.  Remember Through the Roof
is a clear product which adds another 10 years to the life of the
roof.  Both of these products can be used on composite, cedar, and
tile roofs.  

Now to the email…..

Question:  I am looking for something
to clean glass table tops, mirrors and windows.  Seems like
everything I use, leaves a film.  Do you know of anything any better
than Windex and ammonia?

Answer:  Sure do, and it’s called No
by Gel Gloss.  You can get it in a aerosol or a liquid.
It’s called No Streak because….you guessed it …no streaks!

To clean the outside
windows…use the Rinz EZ!  No spots, and you don’t remove the

Question:  I have waited a little too
long to use Sunwax on my front door.  The varnish is peeling and the
stain on the door has completely bleached out to white.  Do I have to
sand it down to wood and start with a new stain?  If yes, is there a
product out there that will remove the stain without having to do a
lot of sanding?  

Answer:  Don’t sand, use the Soy
to remove any existing varnish.  After removing the varnish,
sand lightly to get a smooth surface.  Remove the dust with a tact
cloth.  Then you are free to put a new coat of stain on the door. You
don’t have to remove the stain if you are using the same color or
darker. Use a soft cloth and wipe your stain on.  Let dry.  Then
apply a marine spar varnish.  You want to use a marine spar varnish
because it holds up well in the sun.  Apply 2 coats to the door.  The
stain and varnish I like to use is from Zar.  The stains go on
easy and are beautiful colors.  Their marine spar varnish will hold
up for 2 years.  (that’s it for all spar varnish)  As long as you
keep a good coat of varnish on the door, you won’t have to re-stain
the door again.  

Question:  I have an oak table on which
a hot box of fried chicken was left.  The steam from the box left a
cloudy, whitish mark.  Is there any way to remove this mark, short of
refinishing the table?

Answer:  Oh you are going to love
me….use the White Ring Remover…it’s a cloth that you
just wipe over the white stain and it will remove the moisture from
the varnish.  Moisture caught between the coats of varnish is what
causes the white haze.  

Question:  I have recently discovered
your article in the paper….you’re my new hero!  I have tried so
many different cleaners for tub and shower tile, but nothing works
that well on our 35 year old ceramic bathrooms.  What do you suggest?

Answer:  Thank you for the kind words.
Delete Germ is a perfect cleaner for ceramic tile.  My
daughter was selling her house and did not want to rip out the shower
to put in new tile.  She scrubbed the ceramic tile until it was as
shiny as when it was new.  Then she topped all the old grout with
Grout Aid and her tile looked like it had been completely
re-grouted.  She was so pleased.  And it only cost her about $15.  A
new shower cost $3500.