Hurri Clean

I can’t tell you how long I have
wanted a product like Hurri Clean.  I searched hardware shows;
asked vendor after vendor, looked through every hardware magazine and
I never could find a product safe enough to put in the tank of a
toilet.  You can’t just put anything in the tank because of the
flapper.  The flapper is rubber and anything that has bleach will
disintegrate the flapper.  And then you get a toilet that will flush
when it’s not supposed to.   If your tank is not stained with mold
and mildew or stained from minerals in the water and rust, this
article is not for you.  But if you have been frustrated with a dirty
tank, Hurri Clean is definitely made for you.  Hurri Clean
comes packaged 3 bags to a box.  I used one in an old toilet, and
left it in for about 6 hours.  It immediately started working.  And
it’s safe!  Hurri Clean is made of real fruit acids and
washing sodas.  Hurri Clean started foaming as soon as it hit
the water and 6 hours later, I had a white clean toilet tank.  If you
hate seeing stains in your tank, which leaves stains in the bowl,
Hurri Clean is the answer.  Hurri Clean retails for
$5.99 and has 3 packets to each package.

Now to the email:

Question:  I have ceramic kitchen tile
on the floor.  The grout lines are wide and it’s hard to keep the
grout lines clean.  Is there anything that will make this job easier?
It’s a light colored grout, so every little thing shows up on it.

Answer:  I like a product called Max
.  It’s made by Marble Life.  The rep showed us a little
trick in cleaning floor grout.  There is a wallpaper brush that is 12
inches long that wallpaper hangers use to smooth out wallpaper.  
It’s great to clean with because you can clean a full 12 inches at
a time, instead of cleaning with a toothbrush.  Once you get the
grout clean, seal it so that it doesn’t immediately get dirty
again.  Marble Life makes a great grout sealer for tile and grout.
This is the easiest way I know to clean up the grout.

Question:  I really like your column
and I know you are the “man” to go to for this question.  I have
a dining room set and I also have a cat that drinks water from her
paw.  What I did not know was that the cat was sneaking onto the
dining room table at times with a wet paw.  It has left what looks
like white haze on the finish.  I have tried all types of oils, and
cleaners and it still hazy on the finish.  Short of refinishing what
can be done?

Answer:  This is so easy.  Just use the
White Ring Remover
over the top of the table and it will pull the
moisture out of finish.  White Ring Remover is a cloth that
you just wipe over the table top.  Seal it back inside the pouch, and
it’s good to use again.  If you need to clean the table off to
remove all the other oils and products, use the Fine Wood Cleaner.
 So clean first with the Fine Wood Cleaner, then remove the
paw prints with White Ring Remover, and then protect with Feed
and Wax

Question:  Ok Johnnie….you used to
talk about this little heater that you are crazy about.  I don’t
need one for home, but my office is so chilly once we start getting
just the least little bit of rain and cool weather.  I suffered all
last year but I refuse to put up with cold feet this year.  So what
is the name of that heater and do you have them in yet?  

Answer:  We just got them in!  No
kidding.  The name of that little heater is called “Big Heat”.
It’s been the most popular heater we have ever carried.  We like
the “Big Heat” because it is compact, and it has a
thermostat.  So you can set the temperature and it will shut off and
come on all by itself.  It even has a setting that will heat up a
space quickly.  It’s safe to have around the house, because if you
accidently bump it and it turns over, it will shut off.