Well here comes the cold weather-
seems a little earlier than before.  And if you are like me, all it
takes is a little cold weather and I am chilled down to the bone.
But what I don’t like to do is turn on my whole house heater when
Jo and I are usually in one or two rooms.  There is nothing like
turning on that heater to make the CPS meter spin!  In fact, as I
write this article the heater in our house is out!  And it’s going
to be 2 days before the heater is installed.  I was not worried
because I have my Big Heats.  The Big Heat is a small
portable heater that can heat up a 16 x 20 room in a hurry.  It can
heat up real quick because it’s 1500 watts of power.  It comes
equipped with a thermostat and a safety feature that if it is tipped
over, it will shut off.  It has a selector control for high, down to
low, and fan only.  I mentioned that it has 1500 watts, but it has a
1200 watt selection for economy.  I like that it has a handle on the
top so that Jo and I can just pick it up and carry to what room we
are going to be in.  Why would you turn on that big central heater
when you can just turn on the Big Heat and take it right where
you are in a room and heat up just where you want to be?  The Big
has been around for 20 years and I have one that is 10 years
old and still does a great job.    I have 4 Big Heats, one in
the kitchen, one in the TV room, one in the garage, and one for the
bedroom.  I know there are lots of small heaters, but I wanted you to
know about the one that I think is best.  They make great gifts to
family members so that they can keep the utility bills down.  

Now to the email…..

Question:  I will be trying to sell my
house and as I was walking around the house I notice that I have some
cracks in the mortar of the brick.  In fact some of the mortar is
missing.  I want to do as much around the house as I can (maximize
the equity income) so is there some product that I can use to fix
these cracks?  

Answer: Yes, there is an easy product
to use that comes in a caulking tube.  It’s called More Flex
and it comes in 2 colors.  A light colored concrete and a grey
concrete color.  The great part about More Flex is that it has
a consistency of mortar.  It’s flexibly and is water cleanup.  It
is also great to use on stucco.  The tip of the caulk can be cut to
squeeze out a tiny amount or you can cut it so that it will squeeze
out a large amount at a time.  So whether your crack is small or
large – you can take care of it with the same product.  

Question:  I want to paint my house and
I was wondering if there is a caulking that can be used both inside
and outside the house?  I want a good caulk and a good paint- any

Answer:  Use the Big Stretch caulk.
We had never seen anything like Big Stretch – it stretches
and gives and that way when the house moves with the seasons and
weather your Big Stretch moves with it and doesn’t crack.
It comes in colors and in clear.  And it’s paintable.  Big
is a caulk and an adhesive. As far as paint, use Coronado
or Ben Moore.

Question:  I have been saving articles
from your columns.  I have this huge stack and no way to keep them
organized.  Last week I saw that you have a book.  Will the book have
all the info that I have been saving?  

Answer:  Yes it will.  And it’s
organized by subject.  It’s the best book we have ever put out.  It
makes a good gift to young home owners.  We put out a book about ever
couple of years.  We will take all the previous books and delete
anything that is not current or available anymore, and add all the
new items that we have found.  This book is a great reference book
for home repair and maintenance.  And it is still $9.95.  The name of
the book is The Best of Johnnie Chuoke, Vol 10.