Door Devil

I am so excited that I found a security door product that I have been looking for. With the break- ins you hear about this time of the year, I always was looking for a product to secure your doors. I have found and sold many, and they are great. But most of the time you honestly needed a professional to install it for you. Most of the contractors that I talked to would charge up to $300 to install a security door bar. I really wanted a product that the homeowner could install himself and that it would be economical. And I found it. It’s called the Door Devil. It has several more security features that the other (more expensive) products have. When you close your door you have a plate that covers the area of the dead bolt. (They all do) But the Door Devil takes it a step farther. There are bolts that go on the hinge side of the door that you install right around the area that burglars kick in on the door. So now you secure the door on both sides. Those bolts go into the door and when the door closes they go into the door frame. The other bar that goes on to the dead bolt side of the door frame, it has a sight curve on the cut out for the dead bolt. So now you have complete door security, for an affordable price. And you can install it yourself. My slogan is : The Door Devil gives burglars a devil of a time getting through your door!

Now to the email….

Question: Johnnie I am having tons of company over for the holidays. I have a couple of rugs that I know are a little slippery on the bottom. The last thing I want is to have my aunt slip because of those rugs. I really like my kitchen rugs and they match my décor- so I don’t want to get rid of them. Got any suggestions?

Answer: Use the Fiber Lok on the back of those rugs and they won’t be slippery again. You can wash and dry the rugs like normal, but the backing will not peel off again.

Question: I know you have a book and I want the latest one, which one is it?

Answer: The Best of Johnnie Chuoke, Vol 10. It makes a great stocking stuffer. The price is $9.95 and 3.65 for shipping.

Question: I have a tiny leak on the roof that I think I get rid of and then later when it rains – I realize that I haven’t. It’s so frustrating, because I have to repair the ceiling inside the house every time. I even called a roofer and he confirmed he fixed it- but no. So do you have any ideas of what will work?

Answer: Through The Roof works every time. It’s a clear product that you can brush on in a area of the roof that you are having problems with and it will seal it for 10 years. Through The Roof comes in a gallon and quart, and also a caulk that you can use around pipes on the roof. That’s why they call it Through the Roof, because of the pipes that go through the roof. Hardware guys are so clever!

Question: I know you talked about a little heater that you liked, and I really would like one to go in our pump house. I am expecting really cold weather because I live in the hill country and when it freezes – I have no water. Can I put that little heater in my pump house? Does it automatically shut off?

Answer: The Big Heat is the best little portable heater we have ever found. At 6”x6”x6” – it’s small enough to carry all around the house. It has a handle on top for convenience. It has a thermostat on The Big Heat, so you can turn it on and heat a room up quickly, and then turn it down. It will come on again when the room chills up. Putting it in the pump house is a great idea. Let me tell you about a small product that you probably want to buy also. It’s called a Thermo Cube. The Thermo Cube will automatically turn power on and off according to outside air temperature. The Thermo Cube will turn on at 35 degrees and shut off at 45 degrees. So it’s great for heat tape, tank de-icers and heat lamps.