Many years ago I had a home with so much wallpaper that it made you dizzy. It was in the kitchen, den, bedrooms and bathrooms. Of course, we didn’t want the wallpaper. We had 2 choices to make. One is to take down all the wallpaper. And one is to paint right over it. After I got several bids on removing the wallpaper, we decided to just paint. A lot of people are confused about painting over wallpaper. They think that the wallpaper will peel off once it’s painted. But as long as your paper is secure, you can paint right on top of it. If you have any curly edges you can seal them back down with Sure Grip. It’s great wallpaper glue that takes hold quickly and will hold those edges back in place. If your paper is vinyl, and the edges are stiff and you are afraid they will tear if you force them back down. Just use a wet sponge (hot water) and soften up the wallpaper. Then apply the Sure Grip and hold down for just a second. Then lightly clean the walls with some diluted TSP and water and dry. Now you are ready to prime. Use the primer that I have talked about for years. Grip and Seal by Coronado. And now Coronado is owned by Benjamin Moore so it’s so easy to find. The reason I like Grip and Seal is that it is latex, and there is virtually no odor. Grip and Seal will dry in 20 minutes. So you can start on one wall and by the time you finish the room it will be dry and you can start with a second coat. And I suggest a second coat to completely cover up the wallpaper so it doesn’t bleed through. Now you are ready to pick a color. I suggest a Ben Moore Color. Their color centers are 12 feet of beautiful ideas. Trudy used a color called Smokey Taupe. And after using Light and Dark Taffy for years- it will be the color I use next. Don’t forget the ceiling. It’s the 5 th wall. After we painted all the wallpaper in that house, the transformation was amazing. The house looked bigger, and completely updated. And you can do the same. If you have any questions about this kind of project- email me or Trudy at and under Contact Us, it will take you to a email. I have some great ideas I want to share with you in the next few months- so stay tuned.

Now to the email…..

Question: We love your articles in the Conroe Courier and I have a question for you. We have yellowish splatter stains on our stainless steel stovetop. Also the stains are on the convection toaster over and our oven window. I think they may be from cooked on grease or sugar. How do I get rid of them, safely.

Answer: One completely safe product is from Holy Cow. They make 3 products. They make a Glass Cleaner, and an All Purpose Cleaner, and a Concentrated Cleaner. And the Concentrated Cleaner is the one I want you to use. There is no odor, and it’s biodegradable. It won’t harm any surface. But you might have to let it sit to loosen the grease. Let me know if you need more help.

Question: We just moved into a house that has been vacated for several years. I want to use a bug spray around the inside of the house. I have a small little dog, so I have to be careful. But I don’t want to pay someone if this is something I can do myself. Is that possible?

Answer: Shoo Fly Ant Roach and Spider is the pest control spray to use. It comes with a tiny little straw so you can get into all the corners of the cabinets and windows. Attach the straw and just quickly walk around the parameter of the house. It won’t stain. Go around all the windows and doors. Use it around the toe kick of the cabinets. Just keep your puppy away until the Shoo Fly is dry, which about 20 minutes.

Do you have a electrical outlet that when you try and plug a cord in it won’t stay tight? Just take the cord plug and give the prongs a little squeeze together and then plug it back in the outlet. It will stay put!