Rug Gripper

I had a customer call this week with a problem on some rugs. She has wood floors and some nice Oriental rug runners that go on either side of the bed. The backs of the rugs are smooth and on highly varnished wood floors, they are slippery. We talk about a product called Fiberlok that goes on the back of rugs that have lost their backing. The kind of rug I am talking about is the kitchen, bathroom rug that you throw in the washer and dryer. When they lose the rubber backing they are as slippery as ice on concrete in January. With the Fiberlok you can paint on a backing that is more durable than the original and can go in the washer and dryer without flaking off, ever. It’s a great product, but not the right product for the Oriental rug runners. Oriental rugs need to be professionally cleaned and FiberLok cannot be dry cleaned. The right product is called Rug Gripper. It will hold rugs and mats in place on all floor surfaces. So when you step down on your rug, it stays put. When you are vacuuming, it stays in place. But Rug Gripper will not leave any residue on the rug, or on the floor. To apply, make sure all surfaces are dry and clean. Apply the tape to the back of the rug. Peel off the liner on the tape and position rug on the floor. That’s it! Now the rug is secure, and you never have to worry that you are damaging the floors underneath. Rug Gripper can be used on wood, laminate, tile, all surfaces. Rug Gripper sells for 10.99, and will cover a rug sized 4 x 6.

On a personal note, I cannot tell you how moved I am at the out pouring of condolences for our family at the loss of my Dad. Your remembering him, means so much to us. I will continue to write this article, and my whole family is coming to Humble in February for their Home and Garden Show. See you then!

Now to the email…..

Question: I need a product that will clean the essential oil from my mahogany table top. I tried cleaning it but it still is sticky. I tried Goo Gone but it did not remove the stickiness.

Answer: The oil has broken down the varnish on the table top, that’s why it is sticky. Sometimes if the varnish is not too damaged, White Ring Remover can clean it up and that’s all there is to it. But in this case, you are going to have to remove the varnish. I would sand. Start with 220 and then go to 320 grit, this will give you a clean surface to bond to. Wipe all the sanded surfaces down with a tact cloth to remove any dust. If the stain is fine, then varnishing is all you need to do. I like Zar. They make several interior polyurethanes. Match up the finish to what you have on the table. This is easy, should just take a couple of hours.

Question: Rust Cure has my curiosity peaked. I want to purchase some. But before I do- I have a question. Is Rust Cure safe to use on BBQ grates? My grates have developed rust and it sounds like Rust Cure would solve my problem as long as it is safe to cook on after treating them.

Answer: Talked with Jim at Rust Cure and this is how he said to use the Rust Cure. Remove the grates from the BBQ grill and spray them with Rust Cure. Wipe off the oily residue in 1 hour. Let them completely cure for about a week. They will turn gun metal grey. Then put them back on the grill and heat up the grill letting the grates get real hot. Turn off the grill and when the grates are cool, season them with a little oil (olive is my favorite) or Pam. That will keep them from getting a white flakey look. Great question!

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