I have had so many great questions this past week. January has not been a slow month for all the homeowners doing things around the house. I am always impressed by your interest in doing things the right way and your patience when I have to research a project. I had a reader email me and he had a leak under the sink where the sink basket is. He just wanted a temporary fix because they are planning a whole kitchen remodel later this year. So replacing the sink basket was not an option. It is a difficult area to seal because it is angled and sloped. Sashco Sealants makes Lexol Sealant, and Through The Roof. Through The Roof works to stop leaks on the roof and Lexol is a clear sealant that will completely seal up that area under the sink. It comes in a caulking tube and in a small easy to use 5oz squeeze tube. Like Through The Roof, it has excellent adhesion and will even stick to a wet surface. It’s completely clear, and since it’s not a silicone, it doesn’t mildew. It’s tact free in 30 minutes and cures firm in 2-4 days. You can paint it with latex paints in 48 hours and oil based paints in 7 days. So if you have a small leak, in an inconvenient area- try the Sashco Lexol Sealant . The 5oz tube retails for under $7.

Now to the email…..

Question: I have not taken care of my granite. Around the faucets, there is a white haze and build up of what I guess is a hard water stain. I ordered the new Granite Gold Cleaner , but it hasn’t completely removed the stain. So what do I do now?

Answer: Granite Gold has a wonderful customer care department and after talking to Kylie, we have the answers. First you are going to soak the area with the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner for 5 minutes. Then using a new single edge razor blade shave off the material with the flat edge of the blade. Then you are going to use the polish. Buff dry.

Question: I have bats that hang from the porch eaves during the summer. I have tried mothballs and garlic. Garlic works best but loses its smell after a while. This is a summer house in Leakey, and before we start out for there again this year I would like to know what I can do to get rid of the bats and the stuff that comes with them.

Answer: OK, I have never had this question before. But bats won’t like Bye Bye Birdie. It comes in a caulking tube or a squeeze tube. Just squeeze it on the areas where they roost. It’s a clear sticky substance that they won’t like to get on their feet. They will find another place to hang out. Hopefully far away from your place but close enough to eat the bugs!

Question: I was going to change out the solar batteries in my outside light and when I opened the lights they were full of ants. They completely ruined the lights. And ideas on ant control?

Answer: When you replace the lights spray the area with Shoo Fly Ant Roach and Spider. Don’t spray the inside of the fixture, just the outside and the surrounding area. Shoo Fly is the best insect killer that I know. You can use it outside or inside the house. I like to spray every 60 – 90 days around the inside perimeter of the house. I spray the doorways that go to outside and the windows. I don’t bother with pest control anymore but only use Shoo Fly. It’s an aerosol that is safe around pets and small children after it’s dry. Shoo Fly dries in 20 minutes.

Question: A section of my roof has black patches where it does not get direct sunlight. What can be used to remove the unsightly spots?

Answer: There are 2 products that you can choose from that will take care of the job, Jomax or Wet and Forget. Mix 1 pt of Jomax to 3 pts of Clorox and put in a pump up sprayer, fill with water. Spray the roof and then rinse with clear water. The other is Wet and Forget. Just spray it on and forget it. Jomax is instant clean, and the Wet and Forget takes a while longer.