Preparing For Humble Home And Garden Show

My whole family is so excited about coming to the Humble Home and Garden Show the weekend of February 21-22. I remember the first time we came, and how we finally got to meet all the readers that we talk to each week. Dad and I would always brainstorm over the articles and shows we did, and I am so blessed that we talked about this show too. Here is a sample of what he wanted to share with you. The Door Devil is a door security system that a homeowner can install. We have gone through about four-door security systems, and the Door Devil is priced well and has a patented detail that I want to tell you about that set it apart. Ajustlock is an adjustable barrel bolt that will move up and down. Have you ever had gate hardware that when installed fit together perfectly, and then six months later would not? The Ajustlock will take care of that. You have to see it! One time Dad and I were talking, and we counted up all the lake houses he had owned. The one thing that all those lake houses had in common was trees. My job was to pick up all the limbs in the yard before we started mowing. Dad would fire up the chipper ( that was his favorite outdoor tool) and feed in those branches. The year he found out about Start Your Engines he used it on every small engine from the chipper to the jet skis we used during the summer. Granite Gold is a new line for us. They make taking care of your granite, marble, and quartz an easy job with no guess work. There is a 3-step process that I want to share with you that will keep the counters and floors beautiful. If odors are a problem, then Bio Zapp and Air Sponge will come to the rescue. Your great questions fuel this article and keep us going back to the hardware shows to find the answers. If you would like to make sure something is going to be at the show, call the store and ask for me. If you would like to have products ready just to pick up at the show, just give us a call in San Antonio- we will have it waiting for you at Humble. See all of you there!

Now to the email…..

Question: I purchased new toilets for my home. They were beautifully shiny when I first got them but now there is some deposit that is leaving marks. It's not dirt, but some deposit. Could it be lime? Could it be calcium? How do I get my shiny bowls back? Please give me some ideas. Thank you.

Answer: Delete Germ is made for cleaning the toilet. Delete Germ is been around for about 30 years, cleaning off lime and calcium from toilet bowls. The nice part, it doesn't smell like many toilet bowl cleaners. This is how I want you to use the Delete Germ. If that hard water stain in the toilet is above the water line, put a line of Delete Germ all around the bowl on the stain. Then position toilet paper over the Delete Germ, and then put another line around the bowl. Leave it overnight. The next morning, use a good toilet brush and remove the stain. Flush. Now that toilet will look new again.

Question: I need a product that will clean the essential oil from the finish on my mahogany wood coffee table. Do you have a product or can you recommend one?

Answer: If you have White Ring Remover, try it first. If White Ring Remover doesn't work, then sand the sticky area with 220 garnet paper just in that small area, and then finish sanding with 320 garnet paper. Use a tack cloth to remove the dust. Then get a varnish that matches the finish of the top of the table. ( I like Zar) Go over that one area with a thin coat of the varnish, lightly feathering it out into the existing finish. Let dry, sand lightly, use the tack cloth and then apply another coat. Let it dry for 24 hours to cure completely. That should take care of it. This project is easy!