Minwax Wood Products

I had a customer in the store that had some rotten wood on the column of his front porch. He was real concerned about the cost of replacing the whole column, and asked me if there was any way that he could save the column instead of replacing it. Minwax Wood Hardener is the product that we found several years ago that can take soft, rotten wood and make it hard again. You can use Minwax Wood Hardener on window sills, columns, decking, and furniture. The hardener has resins that penetrate deep into the soft and decayed wood to strengthen and reinforce the wood. Using a foam brush you want to apply the hardener in thin layers to the wood. You will need to apply 3 coats of the hardener. The hardener has a capillary effect and will soak into the wood until it hits good wood. The hardener will look shiny on the wood. If you have any void areas on the wood, fill them with Minwax Wood Filler. Its 2 part filler that you can mix up. Mix up about a golf ball size amount and using a thin putty knife push it into the areas that need to be filled. It will start to harden in 10 minutes and be sand able in 30 minutes. Now remember one thing, don’t dig out any of the rotten wood. My Dad told me that one time, but I dug it all out and even vacuumed it out. Not smart. If you leave the wood just as it is, you will use a lot less wood dough. My Dad just laughed at me. I learned a lesson. My Dad knew what he was talking about.

Now to the email…..

Question: I had a plumber come to my house and was working in the bath. He dropped a staple in the tub an about a inch of water was in the tub for about a day. When the tub was operational again there was a rust stain on the tub where the staple had laid. I have tried bleach, Magic Eraser, and a bunch of other cleaners and none of them are getting the stain out. It’s a porcelain tub. Any ideas?

Answer: Use the Delete Germ and a 3M scrubby sponge. Put the Delete Germ right on the spot, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then use the sponge and give it a scrub. Rinse right away. The rust stain will be gone. Great question.

Question: I have a few loose bricks in my fireplace box. When the box is cold, I can push them back in place but the ones in the front fall out just from gravity. Is there anything I can do so that I don’t have to call a pro to fix this?

Answer: Meeco makes a Furnace Cement and Fireplace Mortar that makes it easy to put those bricks back in place. In a cool fireplace clean the area to be worked in. Cut the caulking tube of cement to the desired opening size. Dampen the area lightly and apply the cement. Push back in the brick. You might need to support the brick until the cement dries.

Question: I used your test to see if my granite needed sealing. It did. But now I have a dark spot where I put the water. So how do I remove the spot before I seal?

Answer: Use the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and let it sit on the spot for 10 minutes. Wipe off the cleaner with a paper towel. That will remove the spot.

Question: I use your Big Heat in my green house during the winter to keep my plants from freezing. But I still have to go out there and turn it on if it starts to freeze. I know you were talking about some kind of plug that would let the Big Heat turn on by itself?

Answer: That is called a Thermo Cube . It will turn on at 35 degrees and turn off at 45 degrees. Just plug your Thermo Cube into your socket, and the Big Heat into the Thermo Cube. The Thermo Cube retails for 15.99. The Big Heat retails for 59.99.