Granite Gold

We are back home in San Antonio after a whirlwind trip to the Humble Home and Garden Show last weekend. I met so many of our faithful readers at the show. You always amaze me with your enthusiasm. I want to express my gratitude to all the readers who shared their stories of Dad, how much he meant to you and how he encouraged you. Knowing that the man, which meant the world to us, touched you also is very comforting at this time. A big shout of thanks goes out to Tiffany and Jennifer, who make this show possible and so much fun. We are planning for next year already. It would be wrong not to tell you that none of it would be possible to do without all my family. All the people you saw at the booth are related to me, love em to pieces. I had several readers ask me the same question, and I promised that I would find an answer and put it in the article. They wanted to know how to clean mildew off terrazzo shower stalls, and tub surrounds. My first call was to Mike at Granite Gold, and he made the answer simple and easy. Clean the mold first with a solution of ½ bleach and ½ water (it’s safe in that formula). Scrub with a safe sponge like the one from Granite Gold , and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse with water. Dry the walls and floor with a soft towel. For soap scum and lime on the glass and faucets, you need to use a safe cleaner like the Granite Gold Shower Cleaner and the Granite Gold Sponge. Spray the glass shower doors and scrub with the sponge, rinse thoroughly, dry with a soft towel. After the cleaning is done, use the Granite Gold Stone Sealer and then the Granite Gold Polish. Frequent sealing will just make your future jobs easier and the polish will enhance the look of the terrazzo. Just DON’T POLISH THE FLOORS. The polish would make the floor slippery. Hope this helps all of you who asked the question.

Now to the email…..

Question: I am looking for a Frugal Flush Flapper that will work on an older style tank. I have heard that I can make this older toilet flush like a 1.6 gallon and save water. But my toilet is 25 years old, and I don’t know if it will work?

Answer: The Frugal Flush Flapper will work just fine on the toilet as long as your original flapper is one with “ears”. To install the flapper, turn off the water to the toilet at the wall. Flush the toilet to remove the water in the tank. Lift the ears of the old flapper and remove. Check to see that your Frugal Flush Flapper has the end cap turned to the smallest hole. While the tank is empty, clean the seat in the tank from any lime deposits that will keep the flapper from seating. The easiest way is to wrap a tennis ball with sandpaper and twist in the opening. Now install the new flapper, and adjust the end until you use the least amount of water to flush the toilet.

Question: I am going to remove what’s left of the varnish on my front door and then refinish the door. Can I use the Soy Gel?

Answer: Sure you can. Soy Gel will remove paint and varnish. It’s much easier to refinish the door if it is off the hinges and lying on sawhorses. Apply the Soy Gel about a ¼ of an inch thick with a foam brush. Check back in an hour and see if the varnish is ready to be removed. Wipe off the Soy Gel with a damp sponge, and that will stop the action of the stripper. Then you are ready to refinish. Do yourself a favor and varnish all sides of the door. Sides, top and bottom should be sealed to prevent the door from absorbing moisture. Good project.

Question: I can’t remember the name of the product that you said you can use to fix squeaky floors. I have tried a couple of things, but the floors upstairs still make noise.

Answer: The product and tool is called Squeek No More. Hardware guys are so creative with the names of their inventions. Call me at the store if you have any questions about the product.