X-treme Tape

If you allow me to go down memory lane a little I want to write about a product that we saw at a hardware show at least five years ago. The product is called X-Treme Tape. It is a silicone based tape that you should have in the house and in the car. And here is why- it will seal a leaky pipe, a radiator or coolant hose in the car, a split garden hose, electrical cord(please unplug it first), dryer vents, swimming pool hoses, fishing equipment, the list goes on and on. When Dad and I saw it, they were sealing a leak in a water line while the water was on. Water was under pressure and spraying everywhere. With a few wraps of the X-treme Tape, the leak was stopped and we were looking at a dry pipe. To use the X-treme Tape, pull off the amount of tape you think you are going to use and remove the separation film on the X-treme Tape. Hold the tape in place and start pulling and wrapping the tape around the project. X-treme Tape will expand up to 300% and can withstand heat up to 500 degrees F and stays flexible at a cold -85 degrees(ok in Texas we won’t see this). You can use X-treme Tape to wrap computer cables, and secure projects while you are working on them. Then when you want to remove X-treme Tape, just slice though it with a knife, and it will completely release from the project. So real case scenario, this Sunday I am looking at a floor lamp that has been broken since I moved into my home, eight months ago. The mover broke it where the lamp is attached to the floor stand. I always say that I am going to fix it with Rapid Fix, but I haven’t. Company was coming over, and I wondered if there was a way that X-treme Tape could grip the lamp and hold it in place until I fix it correctly. Well the X-treme Tape worked great and my lamp is not crooked anymore . X-treme Tape retails for less than $10.00.

Now to the email…..

Question: My mom has got these little bugs in her pantry. We have tried every spray that I know of, and we still have those little- flying bugs. I have them at my house all around my lamps. Do you know how to get rid of them?

Answer: Use the Pantry Pest. It is a triangle looking cardboard container that has a lure built into it. It will attract the adults and kill them and that stops the cycle. It lasts for 90 days, and will cover about 400 sq feet. There are 2 lures inside each box and costs less than $9.

Question: Thank you for all the help. What is it that can turn a lamp into a touch lamp? I have a lamp by my bed and I have to get completely out of bed to turn it off. It would be great to be able just to touch it, and it would go off and on. Is there such a product?

Answer: Yes there is, and I like having them on my bedside lamps also. The ones we have at the store are made by Westek. To install turn off the light, take out the light bulb, screw in the Westek Dimmer into the socket for the light bulb, and then put the light bulb into the dimmer. Then turn on the light, wait a moment and then touch the metal of the base of the lamp. First touch is night light, second is medium, and the third touch is reading light, forth turns off the lamp. And you never left from under the covers.

Question: I have a cabinet that houses my TV and equipment. If I put a regular plug in the socket, the cabinet has to move almost another 2 inches. I also need a surge protector. Is there a plug that is a surge protector and fits close to the wall?

Answer: We found this surge protector a few years ago, and it’s called a Side Socket. It will slide sideways so that you can fit the furniture back against the wall to give you more space. I like it because it gives you 1000 joules of protection.