Roof Cleaning

It’s the week before Easter. You might be getting ready for the family coming over to search for eggs, and enjoy a celebration that is like no other. With all the nasty weather we have had lately; a lot of your questions have been about cleaning outside. If you want to clean the roof of the black streaks, there is nothing faster and cheaper than JoMax. It was the only product that we had for the longest time. It’s also good for cleaning siding to get ready to paint. The formula for cleaning is 1 pint JoMax, to 3 pints Clorox in a 2 gallon pump up sprayer and filled with water. Spray the roof, let it work, and then rinse with clear water. Don’t worry about the landscaping because you flood with water. JoMax cost $9.99 for a quart which makes 5 gallons that will cover 1000 sq feet. Now there is another product called Spray and Forget that will do the same thing. Spray and Forget costs $45 for a container that covers 600 sq feet. Spray and Forget does take up to 6 weeks for roof stains to clear, and dark green stains longer. You do not have to rinse Spray and Forget. You also need to water down all foliage before you start using the Spray and Forget. So if you are the patient type, that product is for you. If black streaks are not the problem, but leaks are, then Through the Roof will take care of that. Through the Roof is a clear sealant that will seal up a leak and last for 10 years. Through the Roof comes in a caulking formula for areas near the fireplace and around any vent pipes. It also is in a brushable quart that costs $19 and a gallon for $45. Now I don’t expect you to get on the roof that is a job for someone you hire out. Because the top of the roof is a long, long way from the ground.

My family all wishes you a blessed Easter. May the wonderful promise of a new beginning stay with you all year.

Now to the email….

Question: It was so nice to open the paper and see you and your Dad’s picture back on the column. My question is how to clean the mildew off a patio umbrella. The umbrella is brown, so I don’t want to use bleach. Your suggestion would be much appreciated.

Answer: That is one of my favorite pictures of me and Dad. Clean the umbrella with a product called 30 Second Out/Door Cleaner. It comes in a RTU quart that costs $9, and a concentrated gallon that makes 2 gallons that sells for $14. Spray the umbrella, let it start working and then rinse with clear water. Any other areas that need cleaning like the patio or driveway will be cleaned with 30 Second Out/Door Cleaner. It’s one of those products that are easy to use and require no scrubbing. If the mildew is a problem with the umbrella then you might want to treat the umbrella with Zep Clear Shell. It’s a clear product that will keep mildew away for up to 18 months.

Question: Trudy, I talked with your Dad once about a product for rust. Now I forget what he said. I have big rust stains on the patio from the legs of the patio furniture. I don’t want to use bleach because it will leave big white spots on the patio. And in one bathtub I have a rusty stain from where the water has been dripping. How do I remove that? Thanks for your help.

Answer: To clean off the rust stains on the patio use the Goof Off Rust Stain Remover. Just spray it on and then rinse it off. If you haven’t taken care of the rust on the patio furniture use the Rust Cure. Just spray on the rusty areas, wipe off the oily residue in a hour and then when it is cured it will turn gun metal grey and will never rust in that area again. For the rusty spot on your tub, if the tub is porcelain then you can use the Delete Germ. If it is acrylic, use the Bring It On . Great Question.