By the time you read this I will be at the Gift Market in Dallas Texas. At our store in San Antonio it was always my dream to have a great gift shop where you could pick up a unique gift along with Renz EZ to clean your windows. Since the store was bought in 2008, we have gradually added more and more gift to the store and if you are ever in San Antonio, I would love if you had time to visit our location on NW Military Highway. Dad always said we had the prettiest hardware store in Texas, and being the good daughter I am, I always agreed. HA! We had such great questions this week; I am going to share them with you in hoping that they help you too. I just want to say “Thank You” to all of you that have cheered me on about continuing this article. Let the paper know you like the article; they like to hear encouragement too!

Now to the email…..

Question: I have outdoor furniture that is heavy duty cast aluminum. They have the original factory finish paint. Unfortunately the paint on the chair bases is blistering and peeling. I checked into getting them commercially refinished and the cost is prohibitive. Can you suggest a product that I can use to remove the remaining paint and once done, what paint could be used to cover the bare aluminum?

Answer: I can’t tell you how many times I get this question, and it’s always about this time of the year. It happened to Mom and Dad, so I know how expensive it is to have them recoated. So to do it yourself you will need to remove all the paint first. Use the Soy Gel. Put on a ¼” coating over the surface and brush in one direction. Wait about 2 hours, and then check to see if the paint has released. Then just wipe off the Soy Gel with a wet rag. Now you will need to etch the bases with a product called Krud Kutter. If you don’t, any paint whether it’s for metal or not will just pop off like the last paint job did. After etching the aluminum then you can paint with Rust Scat Enamel. You job will look great and last for years! The cost will be minimal.

Question: I know you wrote about a little personal alarm. My mom is going on a trip and I would really like for her to have an alarm to carry in her hand. What was the name of that alarm? Maybe I should get one too.

Answer: Those personal alarms have gotten real reasonable; the one I have found retails for $12.99 and it’s made by Rainn. It’s on the website- www.happyhandyman.com.

Question: I have a stainless steel sink that has seen better days. I want to clean it. And where the strainer sits on the drain, it’s really worn out. Is there a way to make the sink look better, or do I just need to replace it?

Answer: Stainless Steel is pretty durable so I would say not to replace it. Use a cleaner called Sheila Shine. It’s a spray that will bring back the shine of the stainless. On the areas where they are worn out, there is a replacement basket called Sinktastic. It fits right in the basket area, and covers up the whole basket area. Sinktastic comes in a stainless color, black, and white. They retail for $4.99.

Question: I just had a plumber at my home and recommended a very expensive product to keep roots out of our septic system. I don’t want to have roots cause problems, but I was wondering if there was a product that will do the job for less money.

Answer: Any product that is 99% copper sulfate will do the job. We carry Root Kill, and it retails for under $20. Put one pound in at night, flush, leave it alone. Do it again the next night. That is all you need to do.

Question: We have an older kitchen and the laminate is yellow. It has stains, and cut marks from knives. Is there anything that we could do ourselves to make the kitchen look better?

Answer: Giani Granite Paint is your answer. It is the best looking product for laminate. And it’s a weekend project that you can do. Gianni retails for less than $100.