Spring Cleaning

Spring officially started on March 20. But in South Texas, it was chilly one day and rainy the next. Not exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to start cleaning up around the house. But this week, the weather has been warm and pleasant and so I thought I would share with you some tried and true easy ways to make the outside of your home look just as spiffy as the inside. One of Dad’s favorite products was Renz EZ to clean your windows . Renz EZ has been around for years and is still the easiest way to clean your windows . Renz EZ hooks up to your hose and will clean the windows through the screens, leaving them spotless. The only thing you have to remember about Renz EZ is to clean when the window glass is cool (that is right now) and then you will have spot free windows without having to squeegee them dry. Renz EZ will even reach second story windows. The Renz EZ Applicator comes equipped with enough soap to clean 15 windows and costs 13.99. The refill soap comes in single packets, and in a 1lb box. The 1lb box is most economical. If your outdoor furniture has mildewed and gotten grimy then clean up with 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner . You will not have to scrub with 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner, and it starts working in 30 seconds. The 30 Second Cleaner comes in an RTU quart size for 8.99, and a gallon concentrate for 13.99 that makes 2 gallons. Clean off the patio, furniture, outdoor planters, and awnings with 30 Second Cleaner and a pump up sprayer. Rinse with clear water. If you have delicate landscaping, cover it up but if it’s just grass and hedges 30 Second won’t hurt them because you flood the area with water. Just remember, use the 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner on dry surfaces, it cleans faster that way. If your company left an oil spot on the driveway and you are tired of looking at it, use the Drive Up. It comes in a gallon that goes a long way. Spray the oil stain with Drive Up, and keep it wet for an hour. I like to spray every 15 minutes. The last time you spray, give it a scrub with a broom and then rinse with water. Let the area dry completely. If there is a shadow of a stain, repeat the process. The reason they call it Drive Up is because it will drive up the stain. It also works on asphalt. Next week we will talk about cleaning your wood deck, and I will give you some tips on staining from the pros that work out of our store. Remember everything is easy, if you know how to do it and you have the right product!

Now to the email…..

Question: I have locking gate hardware for my two back gates. I was leaving for a few days and locked them up. When I came back home, they refused to open with my key. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on the key because I am afraid it might break. I just don’t understand, they locked up easily but now they won’t budge. What can I do before I call a lock smith?

Answer: I have an employee at the store that is great with locks. He said that locks could lock easily and then the springs in the lock get hung. Spray the lock with Tri- Flow , insert the key, and they tap the key with a hammer. They will cause the tumblers to fall back in place so you can turn the key and unlock the gate. Then after the gate is open spray everything connected to that lock. Use the Tri- Flow – it doesn’t attract dust and dirt.

Question: What was the name of that nozzle that your Dad liked so much? I am ready to use the 30 Second Cleaner, and I want a good nozzle to clean off the patio when I am done cleaning.

Answer: It‘s called the “Little Big Shot ”. I like it because it’s American made by Disabled Veterans, and all brass. It has three settings from a pin point, to a soft spray and retails for $9.99.